Sunday, January 25, 2009

Video Editing Made Simple with Corel VideoStudio Pro X2

Video editing manufacturers are always trying to make video editing simpler to use, and include advanced features for the more advanced user. Corel is no different. Their VideoStudio Pro X2 is very simple to use, has a lot of features, and will make your home movies look professional. They also have the features to complement the new HD camcorders on the market today.
VideoStudio Pro X2 is an all-in-one solution. With it you can make professional looking HD or standard definition movies, slide shows, and DVDs. It allows you to capture videos and photos in HD or SD from camcorders, the internet, TV, digital cameras, and mobile devices. Once you have it captured, you can edit it with the included tools and include Hollywood style menus. You have the option to output the movies to HD or standard format, onto Blu-ray, AVCHD, DVD, mobile devices, or You Tube. Beginners can let The Movie Wizard do a majority of the work.
Some of the tools at your disposal are professionally designed theme templates and DVD menus. You can also add titles, transitions, music tracks, 100’s of effect filters, picture-in-picture, and even overlay objects and animation. There is even a new feature that allows you to paint, draw or write freehand on the video. You can even make your video look like film with the NewBlue Film effects filters. And if you really want to impress, you can take your stereo sound and encode it into 5.1 surround sound. VideoStudio ProX2 also comes with Corel WinDVD, so you can watch your end result of your Blu-ray, DVD, or AVCHD movie. If you recently upgraded to an HD camcorder, you will want to make sure your video editing software is up to the task. VideoStudio Pro X2 is up to the task.
Using the software proved to be very simple. It can literally be as easy as one, two, and three. One is for capture. That is where you import the video into your computer with the software, and can choose from analog camcorder, DV camcorder, import from disc (such as DVD), and mobile device. Two is for editing. And three is for share. This is where you choose how you want to export the file and in what format. Here you can choose from create video file, create audio file, create disc, export to mobile device, DV recording, HDV Record, or You Tube share online.
For those of you that are in the market for better video authoring and editing software, Corel’s VideoStudio Pro X2 should be on your short list to check out. It is simple to use for beginners, yet has advanced features that you can grow with. It works well, and the video looks great. For a full list of VideoStudeo's specifications and features check out Corel’s website. You can also download a trial version of the software to check it out yourself. It is at Happy editing.