Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Snugs Custom IEM Moldings

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like music. When listening to music, we all want to get the best sound we can. With in-ear-monitors, this means getting the best fit we can. The better the seal, the better the sound. The best seal and fit comes from custom made in-ear monitors. Snugs has come up with a way to do that for us, and a lot more economically.

The way Snugs does this is partly like all other custom in-ear headphone manufacturers. They start off with a digital scan of your ear, and use this to make custom molding. But this is where the similarities stop. Snugs after all, only provides the custom moldings. They are not custom in-ear monitors where the monitor is a single piece. Instead, Snugs creates a custom molded tie, that is then attached to your in-ear monitor. They have a fairly good sized list of manufacturers and models that they can manufacture the tips for.  You will just need to check the list on their website.

Features and Specs:
·         Perfect fit– Snugs are modelled on the exact shape of your ear canal
·         Product Quality – Supremely comfortable, the best materials for durability
·         Maximum Isolation – Reduced external noise improves earphone performance
·         Made from soft silicone
·         Multiple colors to chose from

The process was very simple. First you get scanned by a local audiologist. Then the scan is sent to the manufacturer. You select the make and model of your IEM from their list. They then make the moldings and ship them to you.

They came shipped in a nice paper box. Opening the box revealed a hard zipper case, owners manual, business card and sticker. Unzipping the case revealed the custom-made tips. They were a very soft plastic, which made for a very comfortable fit. And they were a perfect fit. Attaching them to my IEM was very easy and simple. So for a cheaper price, I was able to have some custom fit IEM.

With an MSRP of only 179 pounds, they are a bargain. That is right, it is in British pounds.  They are not yet in the USA, but you can send them your impressions, and they will have them mailed to you. The quality was very good. The same can be said for the custom fit. If you are on a tight budget, but want a custom fit for your IEM, Snugs are for you. Based on their design, features, quality, and performance, the Snugs has earned our Highly Recommended Award. For more info and complete specs, check out their website at https://snugsearphones.co.uk/.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Elite Screens Launches New Division for the Commercial Channel

Elite Screens Launches New Division for the Commercial Channel


EliteProAV™ and its Product Line Dedicated to Commercial Integrators

EliteProAV™ has been created to focus on developing the Commercial Channel by providing an array of dedicated commercial grade projector screens to professional integrators. In addition to this, EliteProAV™ offers certified products that are also compatible with building codes as well as programs, warranties and trained professionals to assist installers every step of the way.
Jon Cormican Profile
(click image for full story)

Industry Expert Jon Cormican

Jon Cormican is a 20-year industry veteran who has worked extensively with Commercial Integrators. It's important to remember that audio and video work together in a tight state of symbiosis. Jon’s long term tenure as Sales Director and VP of Sales with leading brands such as Pioneer Electronics and SunBrite TV has equipped him with not only a vast experience in video technology but audio tech as well.
Elite is now one of the top Worldwide brands of projector screens and this has led to strong demand from commercial installers seeking new options. Our team is excited about the new opportunities this creates and hope to speak with you more about it.
Warm regards.
-Dave Rodgers
Marketing Manager, Elite Screens Inc.
For more information about Elite Screens, please visit our site or write to us at info@elitescreens.com.
Our toll free number is 877.511.1211.

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Soundelux USA Announces U99 Microphone

Soundelux USA Announces U99 Microphone
Brings "The Sound of Tomorrow" to musicians, engineers, & producers today
Anaheim, CA - NAMM Booth #6799A (January 19, 2017) - Inspired by the original "Sound of Tomorrow 67", Soundelux USA announces the U99 multi-pattern tube microphone; a versatile, high-quality workhorse mic that rises to any task a studio can throw at it.

Featuring a k67 dual symmetrical backplate dual membrane capsule along with the signature Soundelux USA "fat" switch featured on the U195 microphone and an innovative new high frequency "boost-flat-cut" switch, the U99 has enough proximity effect to sound full, but not so much that it sounds "boomy". This makes it a natural on vocals, acoustic instruments, and drums thanks to an onboard pad switch. The added benefit of allowing the user to set the brightness and fullness characteristics of the mic via switches means unrivaled flexibility for the engineer, producer, or artist.
"Just about anything you would use a vintage U67 for can be captured with the Soundelux USA U99, but with the warranty and reliability of a new mic without the maintenance headaches of a vintage mic," said David Bock.  "For vocals, it provides creamy warmth with nice air, without an overwhelming proximity effect. It delivers breathtaking realism to acoustic guitar tracks and preserves the subtle timbral characteristics of acoustic pianos. Whether close up, overhead, or as room mics, the U99 brings sparkle and depth to drum kits without the midrange 'boxiness' of small diaphragm mics. For ADR and VO use, it is prized for its articulation and ability to grab dialog without unwanted artifacts. And for premier live sound, this mic is great on sax, piano, and overheads."
As all Soundelux USA mics, The U99 uses a "new old stock" tube and true linear high current power supply for fullest possible sound. The electronics circuit differs from the vintage 67 in its departure from non-removable frequency shaping components and the removal of gain controlling negative feedback. It also features a larger output transformer to radically increase the low frequency headroom.
The Soundelux USA U99 is hand made in the USA by David Bock and its components have been carefully auditioned and selected for the best sound and lowest noise, not to satisfy a low cost spreadsheet.  The mic comes with it's own proprietary N470 power supply, six pin XLR cable, and bottom thread shock mount.
Price and availability:
The Soundelux USA U99 Microphones carries a US MSRP of $2,599 and will be available in March 2017.

To find a stocking dealer, please visit http://www.bockaudio.com/#!find-stocking-dealer/c923 or email bockaudioorders@gmail.com.

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Monday, January 9, 2017

KENWOOD’s New Multimedia Receivers Shift Integration Focus to Drivers and Passengers

KENWOOD’s New Multimedia Receivers Shift Integration Focus to Drivers and Passengers

Music Mix and new Remote App let passengers share music selection and control

LAS VEGAS, January 5, 2017 (MEDIAWIRE) – KENWOOD has introduced seven new multimedia models, each supplanting a 2016 version. The new double-DIN receivers for 2017 benefit from several new features that are designed to create a better in-vehicle experience for drivers and passengers.

“At the end of the day, regardless of the features we pack into our receivers, we want the people who use them to get real fulfillment from them,” said Tony Mercado, marketing manager for KENWOOD. “This year we concentrated on bettering the experience of the user, from how they interact with our units to how they share their music; the same way they share in life and on social media. Listening to music is a communal experience, and our new features let everyone in the vehicle participate in both selecting and listening.”

To make use easier on the driver, KENWOOD’s new multimedia receivers have been upgraded with clear resistive displays to improve visibility and touch response. In addition, a new Electronic Viewing Angle Adjustment helps to offset viewing problems caused by dash openings that are too low or high. The built-in algorithm visually manipulates the view to let the driver see a virtually aligned content display.

For passengers, KENWOOD Music Mix allows up to five people to connect their iPhone® or Android™-based smartphones to the receiver, and play selections from their individual music libraries and streaming music services to create an ongoing music set. Each user needs only to begin playing their content to have the receiver switch over to play their music.

With the new KENWOOD Remote smartphone app on their phones (available via Google Play or the App Store) each user can control a variety of options on the multimedia receiver from any seat in the car. In addition to source selection, volume, play/pause and forward/reverse, the user can manipulate the equalizer settings, crossover points and time alignment (if the receiver is equipped with these features) of the receiver, either by touching the screen options or using a series of gesture shortcuts on their phone. The app also acts as a standalone media player when not connected to the receiver, displaying content information on top of a customizable user interface.

New sound quality features complete the sharing experience. Most new KENWOOD receivers are equipped with 4-volt pre-amplified outputs to go along with a 13-band equalizer and digital time alignment, while KENWOOD eXcelon increases to 5-volt outputs.

For a comprehensive list of features per multimedia receiver model, visit www.kenwood.com/usa.

About JVCKENWOOD USA Corporation
JVCKENWOOD USA Corporation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of JVCKENWOOD Corporation and is a leading developer of imaging, home and car entertainment, and navigation products for the consumer market, two-way radio communications systems for public safety, private industry and amateur users, and video equipment for the broadcast and professional markets. For detailed information, call JVCKENWOOD USA at 1-800-950-5005 or visit us at http://us.jvckenwood.com, www.kenwood.com/usa and www.jvc.com.

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Friday, January 6, 2017

New KENWOOD XR600-6DSP Replaces Factory Amplifier for a Cleaner OEM Integration Solution

New KENWOOD XR600-6DSP Replaces Factory Amplifier for a Cleaner OEM Integration Solution

Six amplified output channels, 10-channel built-in processing, Bluetooth® programming

LAS VEGAS, January 5, 2017 (MEDIAWIRE) – At the 2017 CES, KENWOOD is introducing its first car audio power amplifier with built-in digital signal processing. The XR600-6DSP (MSRP $800) is a six-channel power plant that, through partnership with Automotive Data Solutions (ADS), upgrades select factory audio systems by supplanting, rather than supplementing the factory amplifier. Its highly customizable outputs can be configured to create the ideal sound stage and retain functionality of factory installed safety and entertainment components that use the audio system to deliver notifications.

The XR600-6DSP, combined with the ADS iDatalink Maestro AR (Amplifier Replacement module; MSRP $130) is a sleeker, more intuitive alternative to the current OEM integration products that process audio from the high-level outputs of the factory amplifier. These solutions involve summing and processing all the amplified, split-frequency channels back into full-range signals, filtering out noise from the amplification, processing the restructured signals, then re-amplifying them for output to speakers and subwoofers. Very often in this scenario, certain factory features are lost, such as fading or factory notifications being output through specific speakers.

The ADS iDatalink Maestro AR uses a vehicle-specific T-harness to attach between the factory radio and amplifier, providing a clean, flat audio signal to the XR600-6DSP through a proprietary harness. In addition, it supplies the specific control signals that retain factory function and notifications.

"It's really the gateway to attaining the highest quality audio reproduction from a high-end factory system," said Tony Mercado, marketing manager for KENWOOD. "We recognize that not every vehicle, especially newer models, can have the factory radio replaced without extensive back-end integration and upfront fabrication. With the Maestro AR and our XR600-6DSP, the factory amplifier no longer has to be the obstacle between good-enough audio and great audio."

The XR600-6DSP maximizes the clean factory audio signal with a built-in, 192kHz / 32-bit processing module that facilitates up to 10 channels of audio (six internally amplified; four with additional amplification). The internal signal processing and amplification circuitry are separated to maintain signal integrity. Digital Time Alignment is electronically set for each channel, and each pair of channels is tailored with adjustable crossover points and 13 bands of equalization. Finally, the individual channels are fine-tuned with a three-band parametric equalizer before being amplified and sent to speakers.

Amplified outputs are fully configurable to match most factory speaker layouts. The six-channel amplifier is measured at 75 watts RMS per channel at four ohms with bridging capability to produce 200 watts RMS through three channels at four ohms. Two sets of five-volt RCA connectors allow additional amplifiers to be added to the system without the need for more crossovers or processing.

With the new KENWOOD DSP control app installed on a compatible iPhone® or Android™-powered device, the XR600-6DSP is wirelessly configurable with broad access for installation technicians (Installer mode) and limited selections for end users (User mode). Built-in Bluetooth® connects the amplifier to the app. In the Installer mode, the technician sets the speaker map, time alignment, crossover points, equalization and parametric EQ settings for all applicable channels. With a simpler interface, users can select the listening focus, overall equalization presets and subwoofer volume.

For larger systems, the KENWOOD XR600-6DSP can be paired with the new XR1000-1 mono-channel power amplifier (MSRP $500; shipping in January), capable of up to 1,000 watts RMS at two ohms. Improved capacitance and cooling efficiency create more power with less heat, and its Dual Sigma Drive technology provides controlled, accurate bass.

The XR600-6DSP comes with the data cable to connect to the Maestro AR as well as an extension cable for more installation options. The vehicle-specific T-harnesses are sold separately and available from ADS. Both the XR600-6DSP and Maestro AR are scheduled to ship in March with applications for 2011 and newer Ford vehicles with My Ford Touch and Sony amplifiers, as well as 2011 and newer Chrysler vehicles with eight-inch screens and factory amplifiers. A Toyota / Lexus solution will follow shortly after launch. For more information, visit www.kenwood.com/usa.

About JVCKENWOOD USA Corporation
JVCKENWOOD USA Corporation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of JVCKENWOOD Corporation and is a leading developer of imaging, home and car entertainment, and navigation products for the consumer market, two-way radio communications systems for public safety, private industry and amateur users, and video equipment for the broadcast and professional markets. For detailed information, call JVCKENWOOD USA at 1-800-950-5005 or visit us at http://us.jvckenwood.com, www.kenwood.com/usa and www.jvc.com.

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