Tuesday, February 17, 2009

ZBoost YX510 Cell Phone Signal Booster Review

They say when it comes to real estate it is all about location, location, location. When it comes to cell phones, it also tends to be about location. There is a growing trend of people dropping their land line phones for just their cell phone. For a lot of people it makes sense. But it only works if you have good cell phone signal where you live. So in a way, it is about location.

I have not been able to take the option of dropping my land line. While I have cell phone coverage and a signal in my house, the strength of the signal depends on which room I am in. And if I am roaming the house while I am on my cell phone, I occasionally drop calls. ZBoost has solved that problem. They are a company that does just what the name implies. They take a cell phone signal, and boost or amplify it. Unfortunately they cannot make something out of nothing. In other words, they cannot create a cell phone signal from nothing. They first need a signal to be able to amplify.

There are multiple different types of cell phone carriers. Because of this zBoost has multiple models. There are also models based on the size of home you have. The product I tested was the YX510. It works on homes up to 2500 square feet. It was simple to set up. The zBoost YX510 came with what looked a bit like a router, a long thick antenna, and a line of coaxial cable to connect the two. Depending on how much signal you get, there are a few different installation options for the antenna. For the best reception they recommend the antenna at a high point in the house such as in the attic. You can also install it next to a window on the inside of the house for a simpler installation.

I had enough of a signal so I was able to install the unit on the inside of my house. After the install, I found that the unit performed as advertised. I now have two more signal strength bars than I had before. I also am able to walk all around the house and not have a dropped call. The performance for me has been great. If you have had problems with weak signal and dropped calls in your home, I would suggest you give them a try. I certainly am glad that I did.