Sunday, May 31, 2009

Otter Box iPod Classic Defender Case

When it comes to iPod accessories, there are a lot of options. For some of us, at the top of the list, or pretty close to it, is protection. Otter Box makes some excellent cases for just that. Here for review is the Otter Box iPod Classic Defender Case. Designed specifically for the iPod Classic, it features 3 levels of protection. The 1st layer is a clear Polycarbonate sheet with high performance hard coating for chemical and abrasion protection. Second is a hi-impact Polycarbonate skeleton. Lastly is the Silicone skin to absorb bump and shock.

If you are not looking for water protection, this could be the case for you. It is very well put together. To put your iPod in the case, you first take off the silicone cover, and the hard plastic case is in two pieces. There is a thin membrane that protects the screen and the Click Wheel, but still allows full functionality. Once you have the iPod in, the hard case pieces snap together securely, and the silicone membrane slides over the top of the hard case rather easily. There are access points through the silicone for your headphones, hold button, and docking port at the bottom.

While this does not provide water or liquid protection, the Otter Box Defender case appears to do everything else. While you would never want to drop you iPod, at least you would know you have a lot of protection incase you do. And if that is what you are looking for, I would suggest putting the Defender case on your short list to check out. For more info, please check out Otter Box’s website at