Sunday, August 2, 2009

Magellan Maestro 4350 GPS review by Jeff Roy

Up for review is the Magellan Maestro 4350 GPS receiver. If you have ever gotten lost before, with a little help you no longer will. Just as most consumer electronics continue to get better with more features, so it is with the 4350. Not only is it a great GPS receiver loaded with extra features, it will also work with other consumer electronics.

The Magellan 4350 GPS receiver is a great unit. The 4.3 inch display is easy to see, and the 3D landmarks help you see where you are. Magellan’s OneTouch is easy to use. To get directions, simply press the options button, followed by the GoTo and Address buttons. The onscreen keyboard will come up to enter the city, followed by the street name and then street number. Press the GoTo button and the GPS will calculate the route for you. The directions are easy to see, include turn by turn voice prompts with street names and each direction, lane guidance for highway driving, and re-routing if you need to make a pit stop. For pit stops, there are also 6 million searchable points of interest thanks to AAA, in categories such as restaurants, gas stations, banks, etc.

That may sound like basic GPS features. But the 4350 has ones that are not quite basic. I really like the night map, where it changes colors for a dimmer look at night. Trip information is provided with your duration and estimated time of arrival. For city driving it also gives you the current address as you drive. No more need to search for street numbers- it is on your display. For those of you with a heavy foot, there is also a speed warning feature. And since reaching your destination does not always mean getting there in your car, the 4350 has a pedestrian feature so you can navigate while you walk. For those of you that live in a busy city, there is also a subscription traffic service to notify you current traffic info and potential recommended detours. I really like the zoom feature that allows you to zoom in and out of the current map. If you want to get a peak ahead at where you are heading, you can even click and drag the map to see other areas.

The features of the Magellan 4350 are also not just limited to its use as a GPS receiver. There is a built in Bluetooth radio, so you can sync it with certain cell phones that also feature Bluetooth to make and receive hands free calls. You can use either the built in speaker for hands fee calls, or the fm transmitter to hear through your car’s stereo. The unit also is a functioning media player, with a memory card slot to use for your music, photos, or videos.

The 4350 also has worked wonderfully. Since using it I have yet to get lost. It has never leaded me wrong. Program in your home address and it is even easier to find your way back with fewer data entry. While the 4350 is not your basic GPS and as such has features not found in your basic GPS like the Bluetooth and media player. But the other GPS related features could be well worth the extra cost over a basic GPS. Having been lost before, I now will not be without a GPS receiver. Magellan has done a great job with this high quality receiver in the 4350. If you are in the market for one, I highly recommend putting the Magellan Maestro 4350 on your list. For complete details and specs please checkout Magellan’s website at