Monday, July 5, 2010



State-of-the-art projector features world class technology and

complimentary annual in-home maintenance

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, June 15th 2010–NuVision© U.S. Inc. (, the leading manufacturer of ultimate-performance 1080p Deep Black LCD HDTV's has announced the introduction of the ProVu® P2 Cinema Projector. NuVision was founded by serious film lovers and videophiles tired of the poor quality, mass-produced home theater products flooding the market. In response, we gathered some of the electronics industry’s top talent and went to work creating the best projectors we could build, selecting only the top components, optimizing them with extensive proprietary engineering, and calibrating them at the factory for performance that far exceeds the competition. Combining the visual power of Texas Instruments’ best DLP technology with a state-of-the-art LED light engine, the P2 sets a new standard for performance and reliability. The NuVision ProVu P2 has been developed to bring discerning movie lovers the ultimate viewing experience.

The NuVision Difference

Much like NuVision’s critically-acclaimed LCD HDTV's, the ProVu P2 receives extensive, meticulous fine-tuning in order to ensure unparalleled performance. "The ProVu P2 now extends the range of the NuVision brand from our superb 19-inch LCD, our award-winning Deep Black HDTV LCD's up to 65-inches, and now this magnificent projector for true home theater applications," stated CEO David Hester. "There is now an elegant NuVision solution for every room in the home," he added. As with all NuVision products, the P2 can only be purchased through the most exclusive network of dealer/installers who have been factory trained to provide the ultimate onsite support and calibration for each projector. The ProVu P2 features a razor-sharp 1.3x zoom lens that allows throw distances from 8 to 26 feet onto screens beyond 150 inches diagonal, and broad vertical and horizontal lens shift to accommodate a wide range of mounting positions. Like NuVision's LCD flat-panels, connections include a NuControl RS-232 port that responds to a full set of discrete control codes for fully optimized, one-touch selection of any source.

Environmentally Conscious

The use of LEDs and high efficiency power-switching in the ProVu P2 keeps energy use low, and the projector uses less than 1 watt of power in standby mode. In addition, there are no lamps to dispose of and the projector is RoHS compliant, using lead-free solder throughout the circuitry and lead-free glass in the lens.


The NuVision ProVu P2 is backed by a standard-setting 3-year warranty on parts and labor that includes an annual maintenance visit (no charge during the warranty period) by a NuVision service representative to guarantee that each projector continues to operate at peak performance. In the unlikely event a P2 ever malfunctions, we provide 2-day turnaround on service calls.

About NuVision: Founded in 2005, NuVision, Inc. is a manufacturer of ultimate performance video components. Known for their premium build quality and elegant appearance, NuVision products are engineered to be the finest home cinema solutions available. To ensure that customers receive the best support, service and set-up, NuVision products are only sold through an exclusive, pre-qualified dealer network. NuVision garnered 7 first place awards in the prestigious Inside Track 2010 Supplier Loyalty Test. For more information visit: