Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Versawhite Projection Screen Material Combines Dry-Erase Capabilities with Projection Screen Technology

Cerritos, California. Oct. 18, 2010-Elite's new matte white projection material with dry-erase capabilities has created an interested stir within the commercial integrator and retail sales channels alike. The Versawhite is a dry-erase material that functions with equal facility as a front-projection screen or as a whiteboard writing surface for training/classroom facilities.

Available Models
Versawhite material is available as either a hard-framed whiteboard (WhiteBoardScreen Universal), or as a pliable adhesive projection screen (Insta-DE ) or magnetic (Insta-DEM) screen.

WhiteBoardScreen Universal (click to view)

The WhiteBoardScreen Universal takes the traditional whiteboard design and fuses it with a professionally crafted projection surface. The Versawhite material used will not hotspot or create an unsightly color shift which is common when projecting on a regular whiteboard.

Key features of the WhiteBoardScreen Universal:

Versatile hard-backed whiteboard/projection screen combination product
Projection surface is coated in a "glare-free" scratch-resistant optical nanotech resin

Insta-DE (click to view)

The Insta-DE screen is ideal for converting any office wall space into an instructional whiteboard-projection screen. Its magnetically-backed variant, the Insta-DEM is for converting ferromagnetic surfaces.

Key features of the Insta-DE & DEM screens:

Instant whiteboard/projection screen converts empty wall space in minutes
Contour padded backing has choice of adhesive (DE)or magnetic (DEM) attachment
Projection surface is coated in a "glare-free" scratch-resistant optical nanotech resin

The 1.1 gain matte white material is ideal for use with standard, interactive, and/or short-throw projectors. It is coated with a highly durable scratch-resistant optical nanotech resin. This allows the Versawhite material to fulfill its dual role as a dry-erase writing surface. Versawhite also performs with clear color reproduction that should be expected from a precision designed projection screen but has never been performed by a regular whiteboard. Insta-DE Screens are available in many sizes in a 4:3, 16:9 or 16:10 aspect ratio.

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