Thursday, February 10, 2011

Beyerdynamic introduces foldable headphone with sophisticated sound - perfect for tablet PCs and other mobile players

Farmingdale, NY February 2011: Enjoy movies while travelling - no problem with video apps on a tablet PC such as the iPad. Listening to music, no matter if you are on a train or in a hotel room, has become as natural as phoning or working while you are on the move.

The new DTX 300p from the audio specialist beyerdynamic in Heilbronn is a perfect solution. As a supra-aural headphone, it sits comfortably on the ear with its soft cushions and provides enough membrane area to give the soundtracks of Hollywood blockbusters the necessary emphasis. At the same time, the sound is so detailed that even fine structures in classical orchestral recordings are heard with an iPod or other MP3 players. The closed design shields against disturbing ambient noise and the listener can concentrate on the audio or video material.

In addition to its acoustic qualities the DTX 300p has more to offer. It practically kills two birds with one stone: Due to stable joints of the stainless steel headband, the headphone can be folded and stored in the supplied soft case. When travelling the headphone is always ready for use. After all, the movie fan wants to know how the story goes on.

Beginning mid March 2011, the DTX 300p will be available in two stylish colour variations, white with grey and black with red anodized aluminium ring. Suggested retail price is $59.

Available through qualified dealers and directly from the manufacturer:

Technical Specifications DTX 300 p

Transducer type dynamic
Operating principle closed
Frequency response 25 - 18,000 Hz
Impedance 32 ohms
Sound pressure level 104 dB
Sound coupling to the ear supra aural
Cable 1.2 m
Connection mini jack plug 3.5 mm
Special features foldable
Accessory soft case
Suggested Retail Price $59.00