Saturday, October 27, 2012

Coby CSMP135 Portable Bluetooth Stereo Speaker Review

Most of us enjoy our music. Products like the Coby CSMP135 let us enjoy it in multiply ways. The Coby CSMP135 is a small wireless speaker system with bluetooth connectivity. What this means is that you can enjoy your music wired or wirelessly from different devices. It is also quite small, meaning it is easily portable.

It's features and specs included:
Easy Bluetooth pairing
Built in rechargeable battery
3.5mm stereo line-in jack
Sleek modern design
Great for office or home
Portable and compact for travel
Audio Input:    3.5mm
USB Port:        USB 2.0 Hi-Speed
Certifications:  FCC, USB
Battery:            Rechargeable Lithium Ion
Battery Life:    Approximately 5 hours with a full charge (based on continuous play time)
Shipping Info:.Unit Dimension (WHD) 1.9.25" x 1.74" x 2.32"

The Coby CSMP135 came in an attractive looking box with Styrofoam ends to hold it in place. It appeared sufficiently protected. It is a round tubular shaped device with a removable stand. The Coby CSMP135 appeared put together well, with a sufficient quality fit and finish. The silver plastic was of good quality. While being light, the construction did not appear flimsy. The included travel pouch also helps to protect it while on the go. The speakers on each end were well attached.
The Coby CSMP135 helps give you music on the go. Simply plug it into a powered USB connection to charge the device. There are connections on the back for the mini USB for charging, and 35mm for corded connection to a device, such as cell phones or mp3 players. Ont he top is a built in holder for your tablet or other portable device. I could also see the Coby CSMP135 being used with your laptop to provide better sound.

I thought the Coby CSMP135 performed well. With electronics, you usually get what you pay for. At a MSRP of $50, it is a bargain for bluetooth connectivity. Bluetooth performance however was spotty, not always connecting with my device. I was pleased however with the overall sound output from this small device. With the small stereo speakers, I was not expecting a full sound. Sound performance was as good as I was expecting.

Michael Jackson: Don't stop till you get enough, provided natural sounding vocals. Percussion was crisp and a tad bright, with sufficient details in the instruments. Next up was Steve Miller Bad and Swingtown. Percussion's again were crisp and provided good details. Guitar resolution was also good and sounded as natural as the vocals. The drums has sufficient dynamics with no low end extension. Last up was Journey: Don't stop Believing. The keyboards sounded natural with ok resolution. Vocals were clear sounding with good timbre.

The Coby CSMP135 is a good choice for someone wanting good sound in a small package, at a cheap price. While bass output was the expense from the small speakers used, it did have good output. and the overall sound was good. I can see them being used either with a laptop or as a bedroom system. For more info and complete specs, check out their website at: