Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sigma Karma Evo Pro High Power LED Bike Light Review

If you like to bike at night, you will need a bike light. But not all lights are created equal. Up for review is the Sigma Karma Evo Pro K-Set high power LED light. If you have seen the cheap lights found at your neighborhood Wal-Mart, then the difference in quality and performance will jump out at you!

Whether you are riding on or off road, you will want a light if you are riding at night. And if you are riding off road, a light is a necessity. Since you won’t be riding on smooth pavement, you will want a bright light to see potential obstacles up ahead. The Sigma Karma Evo Pro K set will definitely fit the bill for that.

Features and specs:
-State-of-the-art single chip LED technology
-Enormous light output up to 320 lumens
-Extra long burn time with constant brightness (4 h/8 h power-, 6 h/12 h standard-, 12      h/24 h energy- saving mode with IION/IION XL)
-4 modes: energy saving, standard, power, and flashing mode
-Multi-stage battery capacity indicator
-Extremely durable aluminum housing
-Tool-free click-mounting (uni-fit 22-32 mm)
-Horizontally adjustable
-Switch on protection (double click for ON)
-IION, IION XL compatible
-Low weight: 70 g
-Helmet bracket included

The Sigma Karma Evo Pro is a very high quality light. It came in a nice looking printed box with color photos of the product, as well as product specs. Opening the box revealed cut outs to hold the components in place. The charger, battery, cables, and the light itself all were high quality. The materials used were very good, as well as their fit and finish. The cables felt very solid, with good connections.  The design of the connections was also very well thought out, for a weatherproof connection.  I was also impressed with how small the light was, yet how solid it felt, with a tank-like build quality.  I also like the included helmet bracket, so you can mount the light on your helmet instead of your handlebar.

I was expecting good performance from Sigma, but not this good.  This little light is a canon!  Even on its low power setting it is very bright and usable for off road riding at night.  Which means it is a great fit for even long mountain biking treks.  But turn it on to high power mode, and ….WOW!  To quote Darth Vader…”Impressive…most impressive.”  You can really see a ways ahead of you.  Yet at the same time, it also did a great job of illuminating right in front of you as well.   Having a range of 80 meters is not an overstatement as some manufacturers can tend to do.  The power button worked well, and I really liked how you have to press it twice to turn it on, so there are no accidentally turning it on.

Having used Sigma products before, I have come to expect good products from them. Yet the Sigma Karma Evo Pro K-Set high power LED light still managed to impress me. It is that good! If you have a mountain bike and like to hit the trails, the Sigma Karma Evo Pro is a must see. Having used it, I can honestly say I would not hit the trails at night without it. With an MSRP of $149.99, it is worth the money.  Based on it's design, features, quality, and specs, it has earned our Editor's Choice Award.  Kudos to Sigma!  For more info and complete specs, check out their website at