Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Coby CSMP95 2 Piece Wireless Soundbar Review

Whether it be watching a movie, or just a tv show, the image or picture from the tv is only part of the equation. The other part of the equation is the sound. Often times, especially in the flat LCD/Plasma TV's, the sound does not seem to have as much attention paid to it. Due to the limited space the built in sound often leaves much to be desired. Soundbars can help get rid of that flat sound that comes with the flat picture. The Coby CSMP95 can help solve that problem.

The Coby CSMP95 not only is a nice soundbar, it looks good as well. It has a elegent looking gloss black plastic finish. It also comes in two pieces. There is the soundbar that would typically go under or next to the flat tv and the detached subwoofer. The subwoofer is wireless so it can be placed anywhere in the room where there is an outlet to plug into. The subwoofer receives the signal from the soundbar. I also liked the auxilliary input for an MP3 player/Cell phone/iPod so it can do double duty as a sound system.

It's features and specs:

  • Built in Amplifier
  • Front Channel 20W x 2 Speakers
  • 2.4Hz Wireless Subwoofer 40W
  • Connectivity: Coaxial input, RCA Jack, 2 aux input
  • LED Indicators
  • Front Panel Control
  • Wall mountable

  • Build quality looked pretty good. The soundbar and detached subwoofer came in a nice looking box with color printing and pictures of the product and some of it's features/specs. Opening up the long box revealed the soundbar, the subwoofer and some cardboard boxes as spacers to keep the devices protected. Also included were the owners manuels, power cords and a remote. The soundbar seemed to be made of good quality plastic and construction seemed fairly tight as well as the fit and finish of both the soundbar and the subwoofer. Connections on the rear also seemed nicely secure in place. Coby seemed to put a good amount of attention to details into their top of the line soundbar, and it showed.

    Sound quality was actually quite good for the Coby CSMP95. It played loud, and vocals were easy to understand, even at loud volume. While the subwoofer did not have out output I was expecting, the wireless subwoofer added good low end extention for a true full-range sound. It did not have the full low end extension that a larger subwoofer typically can go down to but it still provided the depth even down to the 30 hz range. The sound quality and resolution was not to the level of a high end soundbar such as a ZVOX, but it was closer than it should have been given the price difference. It really did sound good.

    I was impressed with the Coby CSMP95. It seemed to have all the bases covered, not only was it a nice looking product with it's gloss black finish, but it also did what it was made to do which was to provide good sound. Especially with the 2 peice design with a detached subwoofer that actually provided bass you could feel!  At a MSRP of $129.99, it is a solid value and a great buy, especially since it can be found for less than that online. Based on it's design features, quality, and performance it has easily won our Recommended Award. For more info and specs check out their website at