Sunday, December 22, 2013

Kingston Wi-Drive 128GB Wireless Drive Review

There is more and more need for storage capacity on our portable devices. Whether it be pictures, video, music, or games, our portable devices are being used more and more for all of the above. All of this takes up memory, and some devices don't have the capability to use memory cards. Enter the Kingston Wi-Drive.

Features and Specs:

F E AT U R E S / B E N E F I T S
>>Capacities1 — 32GB, 64GB
>>Dimensions — 121.5mm x 61.8mm x 9.8mm
>>Wireless Network Interface — Wi-Fi 802.11g/n
with wireless security (WPA/WEP)>>Rechargeable Battery — up to four hours of
continuous use
>>Local Storage2 — wirelessly transfer files to and
from the Wi-Drive App and the Wi-Drive hardware
>>Bridged network connection option — allows
you to access the Internet while using Wi-Drive’s
>>Cable miniUSB to USB cable included
• User can upload files and content from their
PC/Mac to the Wi-Drive using the USB cable
>>Convenient — pocket-sized for easy
>>Guaranteed — one-year warranty
>>Free Wi-Drive Apps4 with Additional
Features — downloadable at Apple's App Store,
Google Play and Amazon Appstore
>>Customizable Device Name (SSID)
>>User selectable Wi-Fi priority list when there are
multiple APN/Key available>>File Support5 — Wi-Drive can store any file type,
but playback and viewing is based on the files
that are supported by the moblie device.

General file format support6:
• Audio: MP3, WAV
• Video7: m4V, mp4 (H.264 video codec)
• Image: jpg, tif
• Document: pdf

>>Operating Temperature — 32°F to 122°F
(0°C to 50°C)>>Storage Temperature — 14°F to 158°F

The Kinston Wi-Drive 128GB came in an attractive looking box with pics of the device and it's features. Opening the box yielded a wrapped Wi-Drive, USB cable, wall adaptor, and owners manual. The Wi-Drive was made mostly of black plastic. But the quality as well as the fit and finish was very good. We recently reviewed the Kingston MobileLite which is a similar device. I like the design and quality of this Wi-Drive much better. It feels better put together, and has a more sleek, elegant look. It looks like a more premium device.

Using the Wi-Drive was rather simple. It is like having your own personal Cloud!  First you would download and install the application on your portable device, and run the program pairing it with the Wi-Drive. Once that is all done, now you are ready to start enjoying all of the additional content. Will you are limited by the capacity of the Wi-Drive, 128GB really is A LOT of capacity!!

Performance of the Kingston Wi-Drive was just as I anticipated. Music, photos, and content on the device was simple to access and played great. The wall adapter had a USB connection, and there is a USB cable included that attaches to it to charge the drive. This same cable can be used to attach the Drive to your computer to transfer content.  Transferring the content was easy. Viewing or listening to it through the Wi-Drive on your portable device was just as easy.

The Kingston Wi-Drive had me pleasantly unsurprised. Unsurprised, as it has the quality and performance that is up to the reputation that Kingston has made for itself as a clue chip manufacturer. With an MSRP of $179.99 it is a tad pricey, but worth it for the additional capacity it gives you. They also have lower capacities of 64GB and 32GB available, which is still a lot of additional content.  It is well built, and I love the design! Based on it's design, features, quality , and performance, the Kingston 128 Wi-Drive has earned our Editor's Choice Award. For more info and complete specs, check out their website at