Monday, March 17, 2014

Install Bay 100 Amp 1440 Watts Max Output Power Supply Review

Electronics are always getting better. Often times it seems it is out of the old and in with the new. The same is true with car audio. Newer features, better designs, is usually what is found on newer models. It tends to be difficult to find a use for old 12 volt gear. But with a simple 12 volt power supply, it would be easy to resurrect some old car stereo gear. Enter the Install Bay IBPS100 100 Amp 1440 Watts Max Output Power Supply.

Features and specs:

  • + 100 Amp Power Supply
  • + 1440 Watts Max Output
  • + DC Output Voltage 13.2/13.6/14.4V
  • + Typical Efficiency >93%
  • + 13 AMPS Max AC Current @ 108VAC
  • + Input Range 105-135 VAC 60 HZ.
  • + Built-in 4 stage Smart Charger
  • + Deck mount converter
  • + UL- CUL approved
  • + Quiet fan cooling
  • + Overtemp protection
  • + Reverse polarity protection
  • + (PFC) Power Factor Correction: A More Efficient & Cleaner Power Supply
  • + 11 LBS/5 KG
  • + Width: 7.2" / 183 MM
  • + Height: 3.5" / 89 MM
  • + Depth: 10.5" / 267 MM
The Install Bay IBPS100 is the largest of their power supplies, which came in 35, 55, 75, and 100 AMP versions. The power supply had great heft, and appeared to be a solid one. Build quality and fit and finish were very good.  It reminded me of a large computer power supply. It also had a simple layout. All of the connections, as well as far 40 amp fuses were on one end. On the other end was the power cord that plugs into the wall, and the fan.  It was a simple, efficient, easy to use design.

Connecting the Install Bay IBPS100 was very easy. There was a single power, single ground, both of which can accept up to a 4 gauge wire. And with a 100 amp capacity, it can handle multiple amps. Just use the position and negative connections, and plug it in the wall. Whether you are just using a deck and powering some speakers off of the deck, or you are also using multiple amps, it's 100 Amp capacity will handle a lot!

The Install Bay power supple also performed in spades. Deck, stereo amp, and sub amp were sufficiently powered. It's 100 amp capacity provided a lot of headroom. Most won't need that much capacity, but I thought the able capacity was very welcoming. The current supplied allowed the amp to play at their best.

I could not be happier with the performance of the Install Bay IBPS 100 Amp power supply. Install Bay makes excellent car installation products. And using it can really bring 12 volt car audio gear to life. You can find it online for under $350, which is a good value.  Based on it's design, features, quality and performance the Install Bay IBPS 100 Amp 1440 Watts Max Output Power Supply has earned our Editor's Choice Award. For more info and complete specs, check out their website at