Thursday, May 5, 2016

Massive Audio Flex Wireless Headphones

Massive Audio is known for high quality car audio that is, well, MASSIVE! They have started to do headphones, and the Flex is their wireless model. They are a large over the ear design. They have multiple colors to choose from, and come with a Super Bass feature. Given their car audio heritage, having super bass makes sense.
Features and specs:
•  Bluetooth enabled for wireless connection
•  Carrying bag with MASSVE logo
•  Noise rejection circuitry
•  Built-in Omni-directional microphone for phone calls and gaming
•  Glossy piano finish with leather ear pads
•  Auxiliary in/out for linking for music sharing
•  3.5mm Flat AUX cable included
•  SUPER BASS button for powerful low frequency or enhanced sound quality 
•  Multi-Function interface for Volume / Play / Pause / >> / << / Phone / Power / Mute
•  Dual oversized speakers for high performance sound quality
•  Mil spec PCB with SMD parts for amplification
•  Battery status LED with low battery audio indicator
•  USB Rechargeable lithium-ion battery with 30 hours music / 35 hours talk & 1200 hours standby
•  Micro USB to USB flat charging cable included
•  Battery indicator display / voice battery low indicator

Connectivity   Wireless Bluetooth
Wireless Range:  33 Feet / 10 meters
Accessories: 3.5mm Flat Wire Auxiliary Cable / Micro-USB Charging Cable / Doctor Who Carrying Bag
Dimensions Open:  7.3"H x 7.3”W x 3.1”D
Dimensions Folded:  4.7"H x 6.8”W x 3.1”D
Battery Life:  30 hours music / 35 hours talk & 1200 hours standby
Battery:  Rechargeable Lithium-ion via Micro USB
Speakers:  2-Way Dual Oversized High Powered Drivers
Finish:   Glossy Piano Finish with Leather Ear and Head Pads
Direct Connect / Linking:  3.5mm Auxiliary In/Out
Microphone:  Omni-directional -43db, SNR>60dB
USB Port:  Micro-USB, DC5V, 350-400mA
Frequency Response:  20Hz - 20KHz
Tuning:  Bass Boost Button For Optional Low Frequency Enhancement
Sensitivity:  110dB
Magnet: Neodymium

The Massive Audio Flex came in a nice box that held it securely and allowed you to see them through the clear plastic window, and the molded plastic that held them firmly in place. Materials used in the construction was mostly plastic. Quality of materials used was good, and the same can be said for the fit and finish. They felt in hand to be a well made product. Also included in the box was the manual, charging cable, audio cable and soft carry bag.

The instructions were easy to follow, on getting them charged, and the same for getting them to pair with my HTC One M9.  There is built-in Supper Bass.  And there is a audio in cable to you can listen to them wired for non-wireless devices.  There is also an audio out connection.  This allows a friend to connect up and enjoy the same tunes you are.  The Flex charged easily, and the connections worked well.  I was a bit surprised though to see that power had to be on, even if you were listening to them wired.  So you will want to make sure they have a good charge.  The Bluetooth worked well as well, with me being able to go over 40 feet away and thru multiple walls between me and my HTC One M9.  But how do they sound?

David Bowie: Let's Dance, bass from the kick drum was nice and deep with excellent authority. Wood knockers sounded fairly natural with some resolution and they threw a nice sized soundstage. Percussion was nicely dynamic. Vocals were natural with some smoothness. Journey: Don't Stop Believing, piano had nice tone. Vocals were fairly smooth and natural. Kick drum had very good impact, depth, and played with lots of authority. Also Sprach Zarathustra, showed excellent low end rumble with excellent depth and played with lots of authority, being only a tad boomy. Trumpets sounded very smooth with good resolution. Tympani had nice dynamics, depth and impact. Junior Wells: Why Are People Like That, vocals were natural sounding with very good timbre. Bass had nice low end extension and output. Kick drum had excellent impact. Harmonica was really clean with really good dynamics. Gershwin: Rhapsody In Blue, clarinet had sufficient resolution and sounded natural. Piano sounded natural. Trumpets were smooth and fairly clean and just a touch brassy. Bassoon had good depth and texture. Soundstage was better than expected as was the imaging.  
Massive Audio made a nice product with the Flex wireless headphones.  And the built-in super bass does give an extra boost of bass.  Massive Audio while being new to the headphone industry, put forth a good product.  If you are someone who like a lot of bass, these could be just what the doctor ordered.  And being able to share your tunes with a buddy is icing on the cake.  Based on their design, features, quality, and performance, the Massive Audio Flex wireless headphones have earned our Recommended Award.  For more info and complete specs, check out their website at