Wednesday, October 19, 2016

2016 Annual Holiday Gadget Gift Guide

You know fall is upon us when you see everyone gearing up for Halloween. And when Fall is here, you also know it’s time for our Holiday Gadget Gift Guide. This year we have some excellent products in our gift guide, from a good range of different product types. As we always do with our gift guide, below are descriptions, photos, and the review schedule for our gift guide. We always do full product reviews for each product in our gift guide. Hopefully, our gift guide will give you some great ideas for manufactures and their products. And if any in particular perk your interest, check back for it’s full review.

If you are looking for some wireless in-ear monitors, the Byron BT Wireless could be for you. They are small in-ear headphones and will connect up to your smartphone with Bluetooth. Some of their key features are Bluetooth 4.1, aptX for hi-fi sound, and 7.5 hr play time. And they came from a company Beyerdynamic, who knows headphones.  MSRP is $100.  Review is scheduled for week ending 10/30/16.

Looking for some really high end headphones? The Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro could be just the ticket. They are high end handmade in Germany quality. The ear pads are ultra soft velvet for those long listening sessions. Construction quality is top notch, as is their sound. And there is no need to worry about getting a short in the cable. They are detachable, so they can be replaced.  MSRP is $600.  Review is scheduled for week ending 10/23/16.
If you want to tap into your creative side, creating your own music is one way to do it. And the Creative Soundblaster R3 lets you record these personal recording sessions on your PC or laptop. It’s as simple as plugging in the Soundblaster R3 to your computer, and plugging in one of the two included mics to the device. It’s a musicians dream.  MSRP is $100.  Review Is scheduled for week ending 11/13/16.

Computer speakers have come a long way. And so has Creative with their Creative T50 Wireless. They look like computer speakers, and they also have the needed connections for your computer. But thanks to their built-in Bluetooth, the computer is not needed. They could be used in your office, bedroom, or kitchen, to wirelessly listen to your music.  MSRP is $200.  Review is scheduled for week ending 10/30/16.

Worried about what happens if crap hits the fan? More and more people are getting the same concerns. Enerplex has you covered with their energy solutions. Their Kicker IV and Jumpr Stack 9 are a portable power solution. Now thanks to solar power, if you choose to bail out of the city and get off grid, you can still have communications with your cellphone.  No need to worry about your cell battery dying.  The Kicker IV solar charger would charge the Jumpr Stack 9 power bank, which can be used to charge your cellphone when the sun is down.  MSRP is $100 for Kickr IV and $80 for the Jumpr Stack 9.  Review is scheduled for week ending 11/13/16.

Harman Kardon has for many years been a reliable brand for quality sound. With their Omni 20 wireless speaker system, not only can you listen to your music through wireless Bluetooth, it will also play the high resolution music. But if that wasn’t enough, you can link multiple Omni 20 speakers together, to give you a whole house music system, that way you can have the same music playing all throughout your house.  MSRP is $300.  Review is scheduled for week ending 12/4/16.

Kenwood for many years, has provided one of the biggest and best bang for the buck in car audio. They perform well, and give a lot of features. And if you are an Audiophile and want the best sound as well as all the best features, they have you covered there too. Enter the Kenwood Exelon DNX893S. It’s a double din car stereo receiver with DVD player, Navigation, Bluetooth, HD Radio, High-Resolution Audio, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, so yes, it’s loaded! MSRP is $1,300.  Review is scheduled for week ending 12/11/16.
Kenwood has also gotten into other car electronic products. Enter the Kenwood DVR-410. It is a high resolution dashcam. It automatically records all of your travel, so now you can go back and watch all of your scenic travels. But it also has built-in sensors, like motion detection as well as GPS, so if you were ever to get into a car accident, the footage is locked down so it can be used as evidence.  It even has a parking mode, for protection while you are away from your car.  MSRP is $200.  Review is scheduled for the week ending 11/6/16.

Magellan has long been known for their great car GPS products. Now they are also doing dash cams. But their Magellan MiVue 420 is not your typical dashcam. It is Super HD, recording in 1296 P. It also has features like lane departure. MSRP is $180.  Review is scheduled for week ending 11/20/16.

Do you do biking? Sigma Sport has you covered. Bike riding at night can be fun, but to do so, a light is a must. But for mountain biking, it needs to be bright. At 2000 lumens, the Buster 2000 can light up any on or off road path.  The included power bank gives you plenty of burn time.  And it even comes with a helmet adapter, and wireless remote to change brightness settings no matter how you have it mounted.  MSRP is $250.  Review is scheduled for week ending 11/27/16.

The holiday season can always be a difficult time.  After all, not everyone is easy to shop for.  Whether or not you have a loved one who is difficult to shop for, hopefully we have given some good ideas for some holiday gifts.  All of these products in this years gift guide are excellent products, and would make for a great gift.