Sunday, November 13, 2016

Enerplex Jumpr Stack 9 and Kicker IV Ultimate Portable Solar Charging Solution Review

As a boy scout, the well known moto is “Be Prepared.” With the increase in popularity of those known as Preppers, the boy scout slogan is being used by a lot more. And the view point of many Preppers is not just being prepared for If crap hits the fan, many Preppers feel it’s not just a matter of if, but when. But even if you aren’t a Prepper, you could still have a need to power your small electronic devices while you are enjoying being out in the country: Enter the Enerplex Jumper Stack 9 and Enerplex Kicker IV.

Features and specs:

Enerplex Kicker IV:

Product Dimensions:

Unfolded: 774mm(30.5")/185mm(7.3")/2mm(0.08) ~ Folded: 225mm(8.8")/185mm(7.3")/2mm(0.08")

Additional Information:

User manuals, data sheets, and other supporting documents can be found in the 'Downloads and Support Tab'


6.0 Watt, 5 Volt System Regulated

Solar Cell Type:



1.2 Amps (USB Port)


1 Year

Enerplex Jumpr Stack 9:

Product Dimensions:


Additional Information:

User manuals, data sheets, and other supporting documents can be found in the 'Downloads and Support Tab'

Battery Capacity:

9,400 mAh

Battery Type:


Recharge By:

0.4-2A Micro USB or Stack, Charge, & Chain Port




USB Port/Tethered Micro-USB/Tethered Lightning

Power Output:



1 Year

The Enerplex Jumper Stack 9 came in a nice looking box with printed specs on the box, and a clear plastic molding so you can see the power bank and hold it in place securely. Also included is the user guide and charging cable. Materials used in the construction was mostly plastic. Quality of materials used was very good, as was the fit and finish.

The Enerplex Kicker IV solar charger also came in a nice looking box with photos of the charger, as well as it’s specs printed on the box. Opening the box revealed the solar charger, as well as the user manual, charging cable and small bungee cords to hold the Kicker IV in place. Materials used were again mostly plastic, and the quality of materials used as well as the fit and finish were also very good. They both felt well made in hand, to provide years of use.

Combined, the two products make a perfect lightweight, portable, on the go charging system. It’s the perfect charging system for portable devices on the go, or off the grid. At 9400 mAh, the Jumper Stack 9 can charge a smartphone multiple times. The fact that multiple Jumper Stacks can be used together gives even more power at your fingertips. And the EnerPlex Kicker IV is the perfect solar charger for it.

The performance of both the Jumper Stack 9 and the Kicker IV was very good. With a high speed wall charger, I was able to fully charge the Jumper Stack 9 in 5.5 hours. I also loved the fact that it has both micro USB and iPhone charger cables built in. So there’s no concern about being without a cable. Just grab the charged Jumper Stack 9, and you have your power needs for your smartphone covered. I liked the built in LED’s that would flash during charging. Not only did you know it is charging, but you also know the battery level of the unit, which depends on how many of the 4 orange LED’s are flashing. Four flashing is a full charge. With it fully charged, I was able to get three charges out of it, for my HTC One M9 reference smartphone.

The Enerplex Kicker IV equally performed very well. I love the way it folds up to make it very portable. The build quality is also very durable, being able to be used on the go or out in the country. It's also very light weight!  While the Kicker IV did a great job charging the Jumper Stack 9, I did find it is the wrong time of the year to test solar charging. The solar intensity from the sun isn’t as strong as it is during the summer. It took all day to charge it to around 75% charged. I’m sure it does charge devices as quickly as an outlet, just not during the winter. Yet what it does is extremely valuable anytime of the year.  And at 75% charge in one day, that'll still give me 2 charges on my HTC, which is more than what I would go thru in 1 day.  SO I was completely happy with the charging ability even at this time of year.

The Enerplex Kicker IV and Jumper Stack 9 are individually excellent products on their own. Yet when used together they are a perfect example of an excellent gift, especially together. Based on their design, features, quality and performance for a portable solution, they have earned our Highly Recommended Award. For more info and complete specs, check out their website at