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New KENWOOD XR600-6DSP Replaces Factory Amplifier for a Cleaner OEM Integration Solution

New KENWOOD XR600-6DSP Replaces Factory Amplifier for a Cleaner OEM Integration Solution

Six amplified output channels, 10-channel built-in processing, Bluetooth® programming

LAS VEGAS, January 5, 2017 (MEDIAWIRE) – At the 2017 CES, KENWOOD is introducing its first car audio power amplifier with built-in digital signal processing. The XR600-6DSP (MSRP $800) is a six-channel power plant that, through partnership with Automotive Data Solutions (ADS), upgrades select factory audio systems by supplanting, rather than supplementing the factory amplifier. Its highly customizable outputs can be configured to create the ideal sound stage and retain functionality of factory installed safety and entertainment components that use the audio system to deliver notifications.

The XR600-6DSP, combined with the ADS iDatalink Maestro AR (Amplifier Replacement module; MSRP $130) is a sleeker, more intuitive alternative to the current OEM integration products that process audio from the high-level outputs of the factory amplifier. These solutions involve summing and processing all the amplified, split-frequency channels back into full-range signals, filtering out noise from the amplification, processing the restructured signals, then re-amplifying them for output to speakers and subwoofers. Very often in this scenario, certain factory features are lost, such as fading or factory notifications being output through specific speakers.

The ADS iDatalink Maestro AR uses a vehicle-specific T-harness to attach between the factory radio and amplifier, providing a clean, flat audio signal to the XR600-6DSP through a proprietary harness. In addition, it supplies the specific control signals that retain factory function and notifications.

"It's really the gateway to attaining the highest quality audio reproduction from a high-end factory system," said Tony Mercado, marketing manager for KENWOOD. "We recognize that not every vehicle, especially newer models, can have the factory radio replaced without extensive back-end integration and upfront fabrication. With the Maestro AR and our XR600-6DSP, the factory amplifier no longer has to be the obstacle between good-enough audio and great audio."

The XR600-6DSP maximizes the clean factory audio signal with a built-in, 192kHz / 32-bit processing module that facilitates up to 10 channels of audio (six internally amplified; four with additional amplification). The internal signal processing and amplification circuitry are separated to maintain signal integrity. Digital Time Alignment is electronically set for each channel, and each pair of channels is tailored with adjustable crossover points and 13 bands of equalization. Finally, the individual channels are fine-tuned with a three-band parametric equalizer before being amplified and sent to speakers.

Amplified outputs are fully configurable to match most factory speaker layouts. The six-channel amplifier is measured at 75 watts RMS per channel at four ohms with bridging capability to produce 200 watts RMS through three channels at four ohms. Two sets of five-volt RCA connectors allow additional amplifiers to be added to the system without the need for more crossovers or processing.

With the new KENWOOD DSP control app installed on a compatible iPhone® or Android™-powered device, the XR600-6DSP is wirelessly configurable with broad access for installation technicians (Installer mode) and limited selections for end users (User mode). Built-in Bluetooth® connects the amplifier to the app. In the Installer mode, the technician sets the speaker map, time alignment, crossover points, equalization and parametric EQ settings for all applicable channels. With a simpler interface, users can select the listening focus, overall equalization presets and subwoofer volume.

For larger systems, the KENWOOD XR600-6DSP can be paired with the new XR1000-1 mono-channel power amplifier (MSRP $500; shipping in January), capable of up to 1,000 watts RMS at two ohms. Improved capacitance and cooling efficiency create more power with less heat, and its Dual Sigma Drive technology provides controlled, accurate bass.

The XR600-6DSP comes with the data cable to connect to the Maestro AR as well as an extension cable for more installation options. The vehicle-specific T-harnesses are sold separately and available from ADS. Both the XR600-6DSP and Maestro AR are scheduled to ship in March with applications for 2011 and newer Ford vehicles with My Ford Touch and Sony amplifiers, as well as 2011 and newer Chrysler vehicles with eight-inch screens and factory amplifiers. A Toyota / Lexus solution will follow shortly after launch. For more information, visit

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