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Personal Dashcams: 21st Century's Best and Surest Way for Drivers to Protect Themselves

Personal Dashcams: 21st Century's Best and Surest Way for Drivers to Protect Themselves

Recorded Video and Still Images Provide Drivers a Means to Document Their Side of the Story, Be It an Accident, Road Rage, or Traffic Stop

Car and Driver 
Feb 01, 2017, 15:37 ET

BROOKLYN, N.Y.Feb. 1, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, drivers need more than an insurance company to be in good hands. We live in a litigious world, where it is often one's word against another's, and what seems obvious is often not what it appears to be. Being able to protect oneself from false or misleading accusations is every bit as important as carrying liability, collision, comprehensive, and other types of automotive insurance.
In the world of traffic accidents and tickets you're guilty until proven innocent. The best way for drivers to protect themselves and prove their side of the story is by using a personal dashcam that records events as they unfold.
The police officer said you ran a red light. Your dashcam video says otherwise. The other driver said he had his blinker on when you drove into the back of his car. Let's go to the video and see if he really did. The other driver said you threatened her. Your dashcam captured her storming out of her car, screaming at you, and making menacing motions. Dashcam videos and still images can show an entirely different – and factual – scenario than another driver's version of the story.
"With federal and local governments spending upwards of $200 million to equip law-enforcement professionals with bodycams, the need for a way that the average Joe can capture and convey his or her side of the story is more critical than ever," stated Steven Shamula, president of Car and Driver accessories. "Our new series of dashcams and mobile accessories have been engineered precisely with this challenge in mind. Even the top-of-the-line models will sell for under $250, an extremely small price to pay to avoid thousands of dollars in fines, court costs, legal fees, increased insurance rates even when you're innocent"
In addition to recording in full-color, true 1080p high definition with a 156° viewing angle, the new Car and Driver dashcams will offer a full range of exclusive features. They include the following:
  • CloudCover – an unique Wi-Fi app, that connects a smartphone to the dashcam, provides owners with an enhanced, yet simplified, level of control of all the dashcam's core functions, including auto embedding GPS, dynamic audio recording, auto start and stop, and more. The CloudCover app also allows users to back up footage to either the cloud or the unit's built-in microSD drive.
  • SteerClear technology – by integrating and optimizing both the optics and digital image capture, SteerClear ensures true-HD results day and night.
  • Intelligent DMV™ (Detects Motion of Vehicle) – automatically records either a still image, 5 or 10-second video clip, or full video when it detects movement. It may be accessed and controlled from a smartphone.
EYE-1™ Series MiniOPro™ One of the new dashcam models Car and Driver will be introducing is the EYE-1 Series MiniOPro. In addition to the features listed above, the unit also has a micro-size footprint (it looks like a metallic Minion), G sensor, auto recording, microSD drive with up to 64GB card capacity, and an integrated (into the power cord) GPS antenna. It is available in pink, purple, yellow, blue, and gray. It will have a suggested street price of $199.99.  
AvailabilityThe new Car and Driver series of dashcams and mobile accessories will be available in Q2.
About Car and DriverCar and Driver has developed a line of DashCams and mobile accessories engineered for the general public to document their drive. Special features include: CloudCover – an exclusive Wi-Fi app that connects a Smartphone to the camera, giving an enhanced, but easier level of control, over the device; SteerClear Technology – integrates optics and image capture while optimizing the quality of the HD image; Intelligent DMV (Detects Motion of Vehicle) – automatically records either a still, 5 or 10-second clip, or full video when it detects movement.  For more information on the Car & Driver dashcams and automotive accessories please visit:
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