Monday, November 20, 2017

2017 Annual Holiday Gadget Gift Guide

Thanksgiving is almost here, which means it must be time for our annual Holiday Gadget Gift Guide. So if you are looking for some gift ideas, hopefully we can help. This year we tried to include some focus on smart home products. And they are from some great manufacturers. They are Elite Screens Yard Master 2 Dual, JBL Link 200, JBL Link 300, Kingston DataTraveler Bolt Duo 64GB, Next Book Flexx11A, Royale Moon, and Sound Blaster KatanaX.

The Elite Screens Yard Master 2 Dual is an outdoor screen. If you like to entertain, and this includes watching movies outdoors, an outdoor screen like Elite Screen’s Yard Master 2 Dual is a must have. The Screen is portable, and easy to assemble. You can also use a 2-Way screen material for more viewing options.  MSRP for the 120" 16:9 screen is $454.  Review is re-scheduled for the week ending 12/17/17.

The JBL Link 200 is a wireless speaker system that is also a Google Home product. It’s small and portable. Being water resistant also gives more usage options. So while it’s perfectly home in your home, the JBL Link 200 can also be used poolside, or anywhere else outdoors.  MSRP is $199.95. Review is scheduled for week ending 11/26/17. 

When it comes to memory for your electronic devices, Kingston has you covered.  It started for them with computer RAM memory sticks.  And while they still provide those memory sticks, not they also provide storage for all of your other electronic devices, such as SD cards for digital camera's and camcorders, and microSD cards for smart phones.  They also have flash drives for your computers and smart phones.  Now they have extended this to your iPhone with their new DataTraveler Bolt Duo to store all your phone's photos and videos.  MSRP is $89.99 for the 64GB model.  Review is scheduled for week ending 12/17/17. 

Next is the JBL Link 300. A member of the JBL Link family, it is a Google Home device. So, if you are looking for the weather, or for a show time, just ask the JBL Link 300, and Google will answer. The JBL Link 300 is not water resistant, so it’s home is in the home. The JBL Link 300 is part of the JBL Link family, so it can be linked to any of the other Link products. Link several together and you have a whole home system.  MSRP is $249.95.  Review is scheduled for week ending 12/3/17.

If you are looking for a tablet, Nextbook gives you bang for the buck. Especially the Nextbook Flexx11A. It’s a 2 in 1 tablet with a detachable keyboard. So you can use it with or without a keyboard.  MSRP is $229.  Review is scheduled for week ending 12/10/17.

It’s time now for the Royale Moon. The Royale Moon 3D Mobile Theater is a portable theater with the dual 1080p displays and headphones, you can enjoy your movies and gaming anywhere. Thanks to the foldable design, they are easily portable.  MSRP is $799.99. Review is scheduled for week ending 12/10/17.

Last but not least is the Sound Blaster KatanaX. The Sound Blaster KatanaX is a high quality soundbar with a separate subwoofer. With its multiple inputs and Bluetooth connectivity, the KatanaX provides a lot of options to give you great sound. And I love the LED light show they provide to enhance the gaming experience.  MSRP is $299.99.  The review can be found here:

This year’s gift guide has provided some great products. Don’t forget to check back in for the full reviews for any of the products you may be interested in. And hopefully these will give you some gift ideas. Any of these products would make for a great holiday gift.  Thank you for reading, and Happy Holidays from our family to yours.