Wednesday, January 10, 2018

New KENWOOD Flagship Multimedia Receivers Provide Premium Features Tailored to a Driver’s Music Media Preferences

New KENWOOD Flagship Multimedia Receivers Provide Premium Features Tailored to a Driver’s Music Media Preferences

Topline trio lets users prioritize DVD, navigation or streaming media

LAS VEGAS, January 10, 2018 (MEDIAWIRE) – KENWOOD’s top eXcelon multimedia receiver lineup consists of two models that feature significant improvements from last year, as well as a new model that defines the current culture of portable media content. The DNX995S (MSRP $1,500.00) features DVD playback and onboard navigation by Garmin™, accessed through a 6.8-inch, high-definition capacitive touch screen with anti-glare / anti reflection coating and viewing angle adjustment. Favoring drivers who would rather use their phone-based navigation through a connection to the multimedia receiver, the DDX9905 (MSRP $1,100) offers the same feature set without navigation. And for those who fully embrace no-disc digital media, the new, mech-less DMX905S (MSRP $850.00) provides a larger 6.95-inch standard-definition screen thanks to the lack of a DVD transport, without navigation.

All three models carry a feature set centered on expanding the driver’s smartphone-based entertainment and information apps. They include compatibility with Apple CarPlay™ (for iPhone® users) and Android Auto™ (for Android-based smartphone users), which enable safe use of smartphone navigation and entertainment apps through the KENWOOD receiver. Streaming music service TIDAL™ and SiriusXM® Satellite Radio are now accessible through Apple CarPlay. Android smartphone users can access the Google Assistant™, letting users get answers to questions, manage their schedules, make calls and control connected smart devices with their voice. They can also connect to Android Auto wirelessly, letting them leave their phones in a pocket or bag rather than use the phone’s USB cable to connect it to the KENWOOD receiver.

Smartphone compatibility also extends to other apps. With the KENWOOD WebLink® platform application on a connected smartphone, users can access and control their Waze™ navigation, YouTube™ and Yelp™ accounts on the KENWOOD receiver display screen, as well as see the latest weather. KENWOOD WebLink works with a wired or wireless connection on the three flagship models, for both iOS and Android. Also part of the KENWOOD WebLink experience is NextRadio, a service that provides artist information, song titles and album art when listening to traditional AM/FM Radio.

In addition, two KENWOOD features empower passengers to participate in the in-vehicle entertainment. KENWOOD Remote allows source selection, volume control and system equalization changes from a Bluetooth®-connected smartphone, and KENWOOD Music Mix lets up to five passengers play streaming or stored music from their Bluetooth-connected smartphones to create an ongoing music set.

The flagship trio is designed to work as a standalone audio upgrade, connecting directly to two sets of speakers with internal amplification, or function as the center point of an audiophile system replete with separates, amplifiers and subwoofers. All include built-in HD Radio® are Sirius XM Satellite Radio-ready, connecting to the SiriusXM Connect SXV300 satellite radio tuner (sold separately). They will also control popular streaming services Pandora Radio® and Spotify® directly from the receiver interface. Three sets of gold-plated RCA-style connectors send five-volt signals to add-on digital signal processing or amplifiers. Each is capable of Hi-Res Audio playback, and audio is tailored with an on-board, 13-band equalizer with digital time alignment.

Driving safety on the flagship models is implemented with two camera inputs, one of which is a dedicated rear-camera input that shows the rear view when the vehicle is put into reverse gear. Vehicle status can be monitored from the multimedia display with the addition of the ADS idataLink Maestro, a separately-sold interface that connects to the vehicle data bus to provide battery voltage, vehicle diagnostics and other information. Each model also includes connectivity to KENWOOD’s proprietary DRV-N520, a high-resolution dash camera and safety system that records incidents based on user settings. The DRV-N520 is controlled through the KENWOOD receiver, and its footage can be reviewed on the receiver’s display.

“Our flagship models represent the best technology and user experience we have to offer,” said Tony Mercado, marketing manager for the KENWOOD brand. “However, we recognize that our best must align with how our customers consume content, and give them a feature set that fits their preferences. Expanding our topline choices to three receivers lets our KENWOOD eXcelon retailers and their customers build a premium, personalized in-vehicle experience.”

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