Monday, September 3, 2018

Audio Enhancers NTX165 2004-2018 Nissan Titan Dual 10 Inch Subwoofer Enclosure Review

Pick-up trucks are getting more and more popular it seems. And I can understand why. They do provide a lot of functionality with the truck bed. And with crew cabs or extended/King cabs, you get the seating capacities of cars. But with no trunk, those bass lovers are limited to under the back seat for your subwoofer. The key is finding an enclosure designed for your truck; that will also maximize the space available to give maximum airspace for your subs. Enter Audio Enhancers with their NXT165.

Features and specs:
♦Dual 10" Subwoofer Box
*Will Not Hold a 12" Subwoofer
♦Down Firing Enclosure
♦Platinum Spring Loaded Terminal
♦100% American-made GREEN enclosure
Installation: Fits under rear seat. Will not interfere with the use of the back seat.
Front H
Rear H
10 3/4"
8 1/2"
6 3/4"


The Audio Enhancers NXT165 came in a standard brown cardboard box. Being an enclosure, there was no padding. It is a pretty durable enclosure. Taking it out of the box showed a well made enclosure. Only one corner was just slightly damaged due to shipping, being squished a little, maybe due to being dropped, but it was fine. Materials used in the construction was 5/8” MDF, carpet, glue, paint and long staples. Quality of materials used was very good, as well as the fit and finish. It was a well made enclosure.

Being the son of a cabinet maker, I have received some education on woodworking. Upon inspecting the enclosure, I was able to see that it was well made, the wood cuts were precision cuts. Assembly was done with both glue and long staples, to ensure a tight seal for a sealed enclosure. The carpet was well done with perfect coverage and clean cuts. The platinum spring terminals are also of premium quality.

All of the measurements were…mostly correct. The woofer cut-outs were correct, as were the front and rear heights. The depth however per specs was 10 3/4 “, but was actually 11 3/4”. The vehicle used is a 2017 Nissan Titan King Cab 4x4. I can’t speak for the previous years before the redesign, but it fit even though it ended up being 1 inch deeper. I was able to slide it back a tad, so it still didn’t stick out from under the seat. So it still works for my vehicle, no problem. I spoke to the manufacturer, and confirmed that it was a typo, and the 11 3/4" is corrected.  So it made sense that it still fit under the seat.

The specs also show a driver mounding depth of 6 3/4 “. The front is taller then the back. So while the front is 7” deep, the rear is only 5 5/8” deep. The middle of the cut out was right at 6 ¼”. So depending on the size of your driver’s magnet, the enclosure could handle up to a 6 1/8”, maybe 5 ¾: if it has a wide magnet.  Seeing that the front of the seat was taller than the rear of the seat, I was glad to see that Audio Enhancers included the front height and rear height of the enclosure, that way I could make sure it would fit. Other manufacturers didn't do that, so there was no way to make sure it would fit before it was received.  The Audio Enhancers NTX165 had the most airspace of boxes for the Nissan Titan that I could find, and it also gave specific front and rear measurements so you know it will fit. If you are looking for a subwoofer system for your Titan, I would get the box first, and then find a sub to fit.

I loved the down firing design. I would have preferred to see the end wood pieces extend down to function as legs, but the included 4 rubber feet work, and give a 1 ¼” clearance for the woofer mount and excursion. But with the flexibility of the truck floors carpet, I would suggest you also use speaker grills. The feet push the carpet down, but the carpet can come back up. The good news is Audio Enhancers also offers a 10” speaker grill model BBAR10, which would work perfectly. And it can be found for around only $20.

The Audio Enhancers NTX165 is a great subwoofer box. It’s well made of great quality components. A couple of the measurements were a little off, but it still fit great under the rear seat of my 2017 Nissan Titan King Cab 4x4. And it still sat completely under my rear seat. I also loved the fact that it is a 100% American made green enclosure. And they have a larger air space per driver than other competitors that I've seen. Being able to find it online for under $200, including shipping is a bargain. Based on their design, features, quality and performance, they have earned our Highly Recommended Award. For more info and complete specs, check out their website at