Sunday, December 8, 2019

SoloQi 360 Next-Gen Wireless Charging System Review

Nowadays, everyone has a cell phone. And most of these have the ability to charge wirelessly. At least 4 of the 7 cell phones in our house have this ability. As nice as this feature is, it is one that is underutilized. Charging pads can be expensive for good quality and are hardly more convenient than cords for availability. Enter the SoloQi 360.

Features and specs:

SoloQi X Car/Desk Mount:

○ Fast 10W wireless charger with the latest Qualcomm Wireless Charging chip.

○ Perfect for any wireless device.

○ Super lightweight with an aircraft quality aluminum alloy body.

○ Power Input: 5V/2A, wireless charging output: 5V/1A

SoloQi Pro:

○ Charge any wireless or wired devices.

○ Charge two devices at the same time.

○ Perfect for any phone model.

○ Lightweight just 6.4 oz - 180 grams.

○ 7000mAh battery - up to 200% extra phone use time.

Power Input: 5V/2A - Wireless charging output: 5V/1A - Wired charging output: 5V/2A

SoloQi Slim:

○ Traveler's lifesaver. The SLIM is a portable power bank you can recharge anywhere via its USB plug.

○ Keep your phone powered everywhere you go, with or without a cable.

○ Perfect as a desk mount charger on a kickstand at home and at the office.

○ Super lightweight wireless phone charger just 3.8 oz - 106 grams.

○ 2750mAh UPS battery - 120-150 minutes extra phone use time.

○ Power Input: 5V/2A, wireless charging output: 5V/1A

The SoloQi 360 came in a great looking black and red box. The black portion was printed with the product name in shiny black creating a classy looking package. Opening the box revealed the product well protected in a molded plastic holder. Materials used in the construction was mostly plastic with metal for the connectors. Quality of materials used as well as fit and finish was very good. It is a solidly made product with good weight to the battery packs and flexibility in the joints. Included in the box were two battery packs/home chargers, two auxiliary chargers that could be mounted in car or on a flat surface, charging cords, both reusable and permanent magnetic stickers for devices and a quick start guide.

It was fascinating to see the different products included and their flexibility. This is a kit you can use practically forever! The manufacturer has obviously thought over the issue of switching devices and longevity of use. The reusable magnetic stickers were surprisingly durable, not losing any of their sticking power even after a dozen peel off and replacements.  They solidly kept the chargers attached to the back of your device for consistent, steady charging. They are not meant to use under a case, and that would be my only addition, something to place directly on the phone that is a slim enough profile for your case to be attached over, but with the reusable stickers, it is a minor annoyance.

The two battery packs were of different size, so you can choose what will be the most convenient in any given circumstance. The larger one gave my Samsung Note 8 smartphone a solid two and a half charges from empty and the smaller battery charged my phone one and a half times. They stay on the back of my phone solidly and have a built in stand so they can charge in an upright position. The smaller one can be connected by USB port directly to a power source in addition to being connected with one of the charger cords. The larger one lacks this option, connecting only through cords, but it is big enough that direct connection might be too much weight for the connection point.

The two multifunctional additional panels have a fascinating construction. They have a flat mount that can be applied to any flat surface; bedside table, desk, etc. That piece can be unscrewed from the charger, revealing a two prong vent attachment for car use. Between these two applications, the charger can be used in virtually any situation. They connect to the power source through a power cord. Not included is a car adaptor or a wall adaptor. But almost everyone has an abundance of these connectors around their house or car.

This kit seems to be set up to include anything you could want for your charging needs. This is the only kit you would every need again for charging wirelessly! I was extremely impressed with the flexibility of use. It even allowed you to charge 2 phones on the go at the same time.  And with a MSRP of $299 it was well worth the investment. Based on its design, features, quality and performance, the SoloQi 360 has earned our Editor’s Choice Award. For more info and complete specs, check out their website at