Saturday, February 5, 2022

Circular smart ring presales to be launched on February 27th at a price of 259 US dollars.

Circular smart ring presales to be launched on
February 27th at a price of 259 US dollars.

The new features of Circular smart ring were demonstrated at CES 2022. Designed to monitor users’ health and wellness, the smart ring will be available for presales on Circular’s website (www.circular.xyzat a price of 259 US dollars.
Established in 2017, the French start-up designed a smart ring that improves users’ health and wellness. Thanks to the expertise of a team of 7 gathering hardware and industrialization experts, algorithmic engineers and experienced data scientists, the initial concept evolved into an easy-to-use and efficient solution.

Following its success at the CES 2022 in Las vegas, the Circular ring will be available for presales on February 27th on Circular website (delivery between April and June 2022). The company’s goals are to “democratize personal health” for worldwide users and to meet the growing demand for health wearables*.

Circular smart ring embarks sensors capable of detecting 142 metrics including heart rates variability, blood oxygenation, breathing rate, body temperature and more. The ring connects via Bluetooth to your iPhone or Android device, day and night.

Compared to competitive wearables, the Circular ring does not provide just raw data but personal insights thanks to the accompanying app that includes a personal assistant.

Circular correlates every day and night metrics to give personalized recommendations that help users in making good decisions and responding to their body signals in a healthier way: better sleep, physical activities and heart recovery, health proactive monitoring to alert on diseases such as sleep apnea, etc.

The CES 2022 visitors showed a great interest for our solution and we were happy to unveil our innovation to the public as well as the professionals for the second time. The Circular ring is a daily companion capable of tracking your health and activity metrics from wake time to bedtime. Circular will assist every user on its daily life to improve it, with easy-to-read insights and pertinent recommendations. The data can be easily transferred to a healthcare professional, the information remain strictly confidential” said Amaury Kosman, co-founder of Circular.

Initially, Circular is targeting the B2C market and will soon be aimed at professionals’ target (insurance companies, medical and health establishments, etc.). Orders mainly concern European countries (France, Germany, UK and Italy) and the United States, and also Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore.
Among the company’s perspectives: controlling other connected objects with the ring, building partnerships with French luxury brands, targeting health professionals within 2 years and a second fundraising.

Tech specsWeight: 4g, Water resistance: waterproof (up to 5 meters deep), Customization: Changeable outer shells with different colors: Black fit, Rose Gold, Silver and Gold (unveil at the CES 2022) – Available in 7 sizes for women and men, Battery life: up to 4 days. Charging 45 mins with a USB key, A vibrating motor allows the ring to communicate with the user (wake up, alerts, notifications…)

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* CES organizers forecast that more than $14 billion will be spent this year in a category that includes sports tech, health-monitoring devices, fitness activity trackers, connected exercise equipment and smartwatches.