Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Kokoon Nightbuds Sleep Headphones Review

There are a lot of people out there who need to listen to something while going to sleep. Whether that is music, YouTube, or just a fan, white noise can help relax you so you can get to sleep faster. But what happens if one person needs that noise, and another sleeping in the same room needs quiet? Up for review today is Kokoon Nightbuds, priced at $175.


Features and specs:



Volume control buttons

Voice call microphone

Silicone earbud tip size options



Lithium ion technology

100mAh capacity

10+ hour battery life



Bluetooth 5.0

USB-C charging port


Sleep Tracker:

In-ear optical heart rate sensor

Monitoring heart rate

Monitoring heart rate variability


Connected app:

We recommend iOS 13 or higher and Android 9 or higher for the best app experience.



Premium audio

Balanced armature type drivers


The Kokoon Nightbuds came in a nice-looking color printed box. Opening the box revealed a well-protected product held in place in a custom molded cardboard, and in it’s hard zipper case.  Opening the hard zipper case revealed a nice pair of earbuds designed to wrap around your head.  The earbuds are mostly made of plastic, as is the semi-hard cable in a zigzag pattern. The small plastic housing holds the controls, as well as the brains of the product, and has cloth on the face of it for styling.  Quality of materials used was very good, as was the fit and finish.  The hard zipper case also has a cloth exterior to match the styling.  Also included was the charging cable, additional ear tips, and user’s manual.

I liked the design of the Kokoon Nightbuds.  There is a small hard plastic box per se that will go behind your neck.  On top of it are a couple buttons like + and – controls.  Out of this housing comes the semi-hard wires for the nightbuds.  The wires are in a zigzag pattern, which makes them easy to stretch to get the right length for the earbuds.  And with them being semi-hard, they will not get tangled up at night when you sleep as other designs could be affected by with standard wires.  The earbuds are very thin, so when you put them in your ears, they do not stick out at all.  This helps make them comfortable to sleep in, so if you toss and turn at night in your sleep, they won’t stick out of your ears and potentially fall out.  In all it’s a design that works well. 


They are also very versatile.  They have sensors built into the earbuds to measure your heart rate and your sleep.  The app that you can download onto your phone, will allow you to monitor your sleep.  The app also provides additional functionality for your sleep, such as providing nature sounds to go to sleep to in lieu of music.  And while they are designed for sleep, they are still Bluetooth headphones that you can use to listen to music whenever you are on the go.  And with a built-in mic, you can even use them for hands free calls.  Now lets see how they work.


The Kokoon Nightbuds were a very comfortable fit. It came with multiple tips to ensure the wearer’s comfort. I never knew that I needed two different sizes for my ears before! The fit snuggly around my head, ensuring they wouldn’t move during the night without the fit feeling tight. They connected easily with my phone but would pair with almost any device. Personally, I tend to listen to Audiobooks while going to sleep. I do that because I adore the sleep timer. But the Nightbuds boasts that they can sense when you have gone to sleep and will turn off your media accordingly. While I can’t verify with 100% accuracy (I was asleep, after all) but I can report that I did not turn on my sleep timer and it was off when I woke up and the book had not gone much further than I could remember hearing. The sound quality, while not groundbreaking, was solid and better than expected. Nothing was muddled or difficult to understand.  The balanced armature drivers did their job very well.


The Kokoon Nightbuds fulfills a need to go to sleep with music, sounds, or white noise, that you may need.  And it does this on an individual basis that would not be disruptive to a significant other.  They also appeared well made, so it should provide years of use.  You can also use them as regular headphones as well.  Based on their design, features, quality, and performance, they have earned our Recommended Award.  For more info and complete specs, check out their website at