Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Premium Audio Company Unveils Enhanced Features in Recent AVR Firmware Update

Premium Audio Company Unveils Enhanced Features in Recent AVR Firmware Update

Users can optimize the sound of Klipsch speakers, attain improved Bluetooth connectivity, and more precisely tune their room.


INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA – SEPTEMBER 20, 2022 – Premium Audio Company (PAC), an innovative, premium audio solutions provider, has released a firmware update for many of its Onkyo, Integra and Pioneer audio video receivers (AVRs) that will improve the functionality, connectivity and the overall user experience. Firmware updates allow users to optimize the sound of Klipsch speakers, more precisely tune their room, and achieve improved Bluetooth® connectivity.


Klipsch Speaker Optimization Mode

Klipsch speakers are known to reproduce the power, detail and emotion of the live experience. Onkyo and Integra 2021 audio and video receivers (AVRs) include the precise crossover values for specific Klipsch Reference and now the newly released Reference Premiere speakers, eliminating any guesswork or sometimes arbitrary settings assigned by many automatic room calibration solutions. It's easy to set up in the AVR menu and the result is peak performance out of already amazing-sounding speakers.


AVRs with Klipsch Optimization Mode include:

  • Onkyo TX-RZ50, TX-NR7100, TX-NR6100, TX-NR5100 and TX-NR696
  • Integra DRX-5.4, DRX-3.4, DRX-2.4


More Precise Dirac Live® Room Correction

Dirac Live Room Correction applies state-of-the-art, patented algorithms and cloud-based AI to analyze and digitally reduce room impact and enhance speaker performance. Dirac Live delivers a larger sweet spot, accurate staging, clarity, voice intelligibility, and a deeper, tighter bass not otherwise possible.


The engineers at Onkyo have significantly improved the upper limit delay, which depicts a more accurate measurement of a surround sound system’s positions. The result is a precise and balanced soundstage.


AVRs with improved Dirac Live response times include:

  • Onkyo TX-RZ50, TX-NR7100
  • Integra DRX-5.4, DRX-3.4
  • Pioneer Elite VSX-LX505, VSX-LX305


Improved Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth technology connects devices but can be adversely affected by range and construction materials. With the firmware update, Onkyo, Integra and Pioneer now have improved Bluetooth connectivity between the streaming device and the AVR, as well as increase the connections with mobile devices and headsets.


AVRs with improved Bluetooth connectivity include:

  • Onkyo TX-RZ50, TX-NR7100, TX-NR6100, TX-NR5100
  • Integra DRX-5.4, DRX-3.4, DRX-2.4
  • Pioneer Elite VSX-LX935, VSX-LX105


For more information on the brands and their products, please visit Onkyousa.comIntegrahometheater.com, and Pioneerhomeusa.com.


About Premium Audio Company

Established in 2020, Premium Audio Company is the most innovative, complete and premium audio solutions provider in consumer technology. We connect people to their passion for entertainment. Premium Audio Company includes some of the most legendary and revered brands — Klipsch, Jamo, Onkyo, Integra, Pioneer, Elite, Magnat, and Heco. Premium Audio Company, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of VOXX International Corporation (NASDAQ: VOXX).


About Onkyo

ONKYO is an organization consisting of people unsurpassed in the love of sound. We love our work, and that makes us perfectionists. We won’t settle for second best. We strive to complete what we have started. That’s the ONKYO spirit. For the past half century ONKYO components have been recognized as uncommonly musical among those who are truly fanatical about their music. Our aim for the next century is further refinement of our advanced music reproduction technology to create a new ONKYO that will become a more familiar name to people throughout the world.


About Integra

Integra has been synonymous with high fidelity since 1969, when the name identified industry-leading flagship amplifiers. Thirty years later in 1999, Integra launched as a standalone brand dedicated to emerging home installation markets with a range of solutions that dealers and installers could stake their reputations on. Because of our close relationship with these professionals, the Integra lineup continues to evolve organically with the needs of a rapidly changing marketplace while exceeding the high expectations of our customers.


About Pioneer Elite

Pioneer is obsessed with accuracy that spans generations. Out of that obsession are born three key philosophies: direct energy design, ideal acoustic environment, and master sound tuning. The Elite line started in 1986 in North America to elevate pioneer “reference series” line dealers and provide them with better programs and incentives.