Friday, June 30, 2023

Poly Voyager Free 60+ True Wireless In Ear Monitor Review

When it comes to business audio products, Poly has been making communication devices for many years. You may know them from their conference room conference call phones. They have now taken to adding In Ear monitors to their communication products. The Poly Voyager Free 60+ is one of them. MSRP is $349.


Features and specs:

For Business Use & Mobile Entertainment

Hybrid ANC with 2 Transparency Modes

3-Mic Array per Earbud, WindSmart Tech

Touchscreen Control via Charge Case

Bluetooth 5.3 Audio Streaming, Qi Charge

Multipoint Connections, Up to 2 Devices

3.5mm Port on Case for External Sources

Up to 24-Hour Playback, 16.5-Hour Talk

15-Minute Fast Charge for 1.2 Hour Talk

Includes Eartips, Cables, and BT Adapter


The Poly Voyager Free 60+ came in a standard carboard box. Opening the box revealed a well-protected IEM, held in its charging case. Materials used in the construction was mostly plastic, with some metal. Quality of materials used was very good, as well as the fit and finish. Also included was the charging case, charging cable, additional sizes of ear tips, USB toggle, and user manual.


I really like the design of the Poly Voyager Free 60+. Ever since COVID, businesses have allowed a higher percentage of the workforce to work remote from home. These are designed for work. The built-in 3 mics ensure good call quality. There’s also Active Noise cancelling. So if your environment is not as quiet as you may like for a business call, whoever you are talking to will be able to hear you clearly, cutting out your noisy environment.


I also liked the touchscreen on the charging case.  It provides simple control of the Poly Voyager Free 60+. And once the work day’s over, they are designed for double duty to provide great sound for your tunes. Let’s see how they sound.


Nat King Cole – LOVE:  Cymbals were crisp and clean. Piano sounded very natural with good harmonics. Vocals were silky smooth with very good texture of the timbre. Trumpet was very dynamic and not too brassy. The bass had very good tone, low end extension, and authority. Imaging was surprisingly good and better than expected.

Michael Jackson – Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough: violin was very smooth, cow bell had great tone, wood block had very good depth of the texture of the sound. Guitar sounded nice and raw. Drums as well as the rest of the percussion was also very dynamic. Vocals were clean and smooth with good texture. Trumpet was also dynamic, smooth, with good harmonics.

Katy Perry – Dark Horse:  vocals were silky smooth with very good texture of the timbre. Snaps were very dynamic. Bass beats were dynamic with very good impact and authority. The deeper bass beats had really good low-end extension, hit really hard, and played with authority.


I also tested the call quality, and it did not disappoint.  I heard my caller nice and clear.  And my caller also heard me just as well.  The ANC also did its part, with the ANC really making the background noise of my location being subdued.  So my caller was able to hear me well, and not be distracted with what was going on around me.

It was nice to see that the quality of Poly’s products is still high.  I remember using their conference call phones with a previous employer years and years ago. The performance didn’t disappoint then, and it performs sufficiently well now.  The Poly Voyager Free 60+ provided great sound quality for business calls, and also sounded great for music as well.  The touchscreen charging case provided great easy functionality.  If you work remote from home, the Poly Voyager Free 60+ does well providing double duty for business and personal use.  Based on its design, features, quality, and performance, the Poly Voyager Free 60+ has earned our Recommended Award.  For more info and complete specs, check out their website at