Sunday, September 24, 2023

Wāvtech Link 1000.1 mini 1000 Watt Mono Amplifier Review

I love car audio. And I’m a basshead, so I like a lot of bass. Subs also take a lot of power. Not all sub amps are created equal. Wāvtech is a new comer to the car audio market, providing amps and processors, but they are doing things right. We recently reviewed their Link 500.1 mini. Up for review today is their brand new model, big brother to the Link 500.1 mini. It’s the Wāvtech Link 1000.1 mini, with MSRP of $499.


Features and specs:


link1000.1mini Features

1000 Watt Mono Amplifier

600 watts x 1 @ 4 ohms

1000 watts x 1 @ 2 ohms

Only 12.2”x4.5”x1.65”

Fully Adjustable Parametric EQ

Variable Low-Pass Crossover (-24dB/oct)

Variable Subsonic Filter (-24dB/oct)

Remote Level Control (RLC) w/Optional linkRC

Start/Stop System Compatible

Differential Balanced Inputs

Variable Gain Adjustment w/Clip LED

Auto Turn-On via DC-Offset or Audio Signal Detect

Adaptive OEM Load Detect Technology

Locking Detachable Hi-Level Speaker Terminals

Professional Grade Panel Mount RCA’s

Compact Aluminum Chassis w/Detachable Mounting tabs


link1000.1mini Specifications


Input Sensitivity

SPK --------------------------- 1-20Vrms, 2-40Vrms

RCA --------------------------- 0.2V-5Vrms, 0.4V-10Vrms

Max Input Voltage (SPK) ------ 40Vrms

Frequency Response ----------- <10Hz to >500Hz (=0/-3dB)

THD+N ------------------------------- <1% at rated power

S/N ------------------------------------- >78dBA (1W, 4Ω)


The Wāvtech Link 1000.1 mini came in a great looking color printed box, with an image of the amp and its specs, on the box. Opening the box revealed a well-protected amp held in place by custom molded foam. Materials used in the construction was mostly metal. Quality of materials used, as well as fit and finish, was very good. Also included was the manual used, as well as fit and finish, was very good. Also included were the manual, and mounting screws. Wāvtech also sent the bass remote, which is a separate accessory, and is also made of metal and good quality.


Wāvtech is a bit unique in its design philosophy. They are designed for sound quality, and rated at 2 ohms. The trend has been to run subs at 1 ohm. This means getting more output out of your amp. But there are reasons not to do this. You get better sound quality running at 2 or 4 ohms. Running at 1 ohm also generates more heat. Heat kills amps, or can at least reduce its lifespan. So while Wāvtech limits the load to 2 ohm for sound quality, it can also help with its longevity.


I love the design of the Wāvtech 1000.1. The connections are on both ends, as found on most amps. But the controls are on the top of the amp. So when setting up and tuning the amp, all the controls for gain, EQ, and crossovers, are conveniently located on the top of the amp. It’s designed with the professional installer in mind. So after the amp is mounted, it’s really easy to make the needed adjustments. And of course, having an LED Clip indicator next to the controls makes tuning it a breeze.


Another key feature of the Wāvtech Link 1000.1 mini is the hi-level inputs. While having hi-level inputs is not rare, it’s actually common. But the Wāvtech Link 1000.1 mini can actually handle up to 40 volts. This means it can handle a signal from just about any factory system. This makes it extremely simple to add a high-power subwoofer system to an existing factory system.


Installation proved to be very simple, mounting it to the amp rack behind the back seat of my truck. And as expected, tuning it was very simple. Having the controls on top, especially with the clip indicator, made tuning it, and making adjustments, a breeze. There’s not a lot of space under the back seat of my truck, yet I like a lot of bass. My reference subs are Image Dynamics 1D8’s, quad design, in a ported enclosure. Let’s see how they sound.


Techmaster PB- Activate, and Time To Jam:  the bass was extremely deep, and played with tons of authority.  Sustained bass was pleasantly smooth with tons of output, and the beats we nice and tight and hit really hard.  It’s an old school bass disc, and it doesn’t disappoint.  Looking at my SPL meter it hit 123db.

Lady Gaga- Starstruck:  this is another go-to track with a lot of bass.  Bass beats were really clean, hit really hard, and even though the box was ported the bass beats were still nice and tight. And the bass beats at the very beginning of the track were also not just nice and tight, they also hit extremely hard!  It was almost like a sledgehammer to the chest. Yet the bass beats were still nice and clean. And looking at the SPL meter on this track it also hit 123db.

New Order- Blue Monday: I thought this would also be a great test track for the amp.  The very beginning especially, the bass beats were nice and tight, but also very fast.  I was extremely impressed with the sound that I was hearing.  The beats were very tight, and extremely fast.  And while they hit really hard, it was also not muddy.  Thanks to the quality and power of the amp, the motor structure was very well controlled.  After every massive hit, the motor got the cone back and it was ready for the next beat a split second later.  And wow did it hit!  I felt like my chest was taking a pounding!  My rearview mirror was also dancing due to the vibration from all of the bass beats.  And I saw my SPL meter that I was hitting 129db!


Wāvtech, while a young company, are doing things right in their designs, and delivers an excellent product. It is very simple to install, tune, and use. While it’s simple to setup and use, it also performed in spades, and is built well to provide years of use. And MSRP is a very fair $499. Based on its design, features, quality and performance has earned our Editor’s Choice award. For more info and specs, check out their website at  Reference gear used:  Kenwood DNR1007XR reference series receiver, Nakamichi NSDT500A 12 channel DSP 10 channel amplifier, German Maestro M-Line 3-way component speakers, Alpine Type-X 2-way component speakers, Image Dynamic quad ID8 subwoofers.