Saturday, April 18, 2009

Monster Digital PowerCenter MDP 900 review

When it comes to surge protectors and power conditioners, Monster makes some of the best. Up for review is the Monster Digital PowerCenter MDP w/ Green Power and USB Charging MDP 900. This is not an ordinary surge protector. It can be used for computers, home theater systems, and features Monster GreenPower.

For surge protection and power filtration, the MDP 900 uses Monster’s PC Clean Power Stage 2. It removes electromagnetic and radio frequency noise to help your data transfers be more reliable and helps computer performance. The Monster Dual Mode Plus feature sounds an alarm and automatically disconnects in the event of these dangerous conditions, to isolate your equipment from the source. Since Cable modem, DSL, and Ethernet lines can also carry damaging power surges and spikes, the phone, network and coaxial connections are also protected. And monster is so confident in their product that the MDP 900 includes equipment replacement protection up to $300,000.

There are even some advanced features. The MDP 900 includes two high-current surge protected USB ports to safely charge MP# players, cell phones, digital cameras, and other electronics. This helps free up USB ports on your computer, as well as outlets on the PowerCenter for peripherals such as a printer, external hard drives, etc. It is also PLC Network compatible. HomePlug is a growingly popular form of creating a home network using your homes electrical wiring. Ordinary surge protectors can block PLC, but not the MDP 900.

Last but not least, many companies are jumping on the bandwagon and going green. Monster is one of them. The MDP 900 includes Monster GreenPower. This will not only reduce energy waste and thereby being “green,” but by doing so it will use less energy and therefore save you some green. All you would do is plug in your computer or receiver into the main outlet, and your other peripherals into the other outlets. When you turn the receiver or computer off or in standby mode, all of the other outlets switch off. No more energy vampires.

So Monster has created another great product. And it was nice to see that it actually works. In hooking it up to my computer, when I turn it off all of my peripherals also turn off. While I am not sure how much green I have saved so far, it is still nice to know that I am doing something for the environment and there are companies out there like Monster that want to do their part. For more info and detailed specs, please check out Monster’s website at