Sunday, April 5, 2009

Zaggphone Closed Dynamic Headphone Review

With any type of speakers, whether they are home speakers, car speakers, or headphones, the desired result is the same. To produce enjoyable sound at given price points is the goal. Up for review is a pair of Zaggphones from a company called Zagg. They are a large over the ear closed dynamic design. They can be found at Zagg’s website for an introductory price or $80.

I had a hard time reviewing these headphones. It was difficult because I kept getting dragged into the music. I try to be alert to the different sounds that I am used to hearing in the music that I use in my reviews. But the Zaggphones sounded better than expected for their price point, and I kept having to remind myself to pay attention and not just enjoy the music. That is probably one of the best compliments for a pair of headphones. They truly are enjoyable.

The Zaggphones performed very well overall. While they are not the performers as my Skull Candy SK Pro’s, they also don’t come with the same $150 price tag. And with that being said, they perform admirably for their price point. The highs sounded very clean, and only occasionally got a tad overextended or harsh. The mids were sufficiently smooth, and the lows supplied plenty of deep low bass and can satisfy bass heads like myself. There was also a good level of resolution and nice sized soundstage. Mannheim Steamroller is one of my favorites, and in Fresh Aire V’s “Creatures of Levania,” there was plenty of low end extension, and the flute had air. Listening to many of the tracks in Sound & Vision / Telarc Heads up SACD sampler disc, both male and female vocals as well as the piano sounded natural. In Junior Wells’ track “Why are people Like That?” The harmonica took me away.

Thank you Zagg for an enjoyable experience. The Zaggphones are a great sounding product. And with a lifetime warranty, they are a bargain at this price. Anyone in the market for some good headphones at this price point deserves to give them a listen. For more info, please check out their website at