Friday, January 22, 2010

D-Link DAP-1522 Wireless Bridge Review

We live in an internet age. We can connect to the internet in a multitude of ways. No longer is it used to just retrieve you email or looking up information. The internet is a great source for music. Internet Radio has a pluthera of channels that let you get exactly the type of music you are looking for.

To get this music, you no longer need to be in front of your computer. Many surround sound receivers are starting to come out that are internet ready, with a built-in Ethernet connection. Now you can listen to internet radio through your surround sound receiver. The potential problem is how do you connect your receiver to your router. Unless your router is close to your receiver, you will need a little help.

Enter D-Link and their DAP-1522 wireless bridge. Their wireless bridge is a bridge between your router and receiver. The bridge will connect wirelessly to your router to access internet radio. The back of the bridge has four access points. Just set the bridge next to your home theater equipment.

Set up was not difficult by following the provided instructions, with my D-Link wireless router. And if you do have any questions, or need help a 800 number is provided. They can assist you getting your new bridge set up.

The DAP-1522 wireless N Bridge provided plenty of band width. The front LED's showed which parts were connected. After connecting my receiver and blu-ray player to the bridge I was able to quickly confirm the connection had been established. I turned on my receiver and blu-ray player, and saw immediately that a firmware update was available Oppo for my player. After downloading the firmware update I then turned to the receiver. After just a few minutes I was sorting through internet radio stations. Going through my Oppo player I was able to access my home media server and watch my ripped dvd collection. Picture and sound came through glitch free.

If you are looking for a wireless bridge, I highly recommend the D-Link DAP-1522. It is a quality product form a name you can trust. I would recommend adding it to your short list. For more info and complete specs, check out their website at