Thursday, January 14, 2010

LG 3F3D 1080P Projector Info from CES

The cat is out of the bag. CES had all the buzz about 3D. One exciting product was a full 1080P 3D model 3F3D from LG. It has a dual SXRD engine, which uses LCoS. It had an impressive 2500 lumens and 7,000:1 contrast ratio. The screen used was a silver screen, so it appeared to use polarized glasses. The demo was one of the best I had seen. The picture really jumped out at you and had a lot of depth. The projector was also on display in the booth next to the standard 2D CF181D which advertized use of the HQV chip. I inquired of the parts used (sealed light ingine, which video processor do they use, and lens provider, etc). The projector does use a sealed light path, and due to it having side vents, mounting it up against a back wall would not be a concern. The lenses were provided by Ricoh. They are mostly known for their copiers, but they do use optics, and the image did look great! The video processor is provided by MStar. When I questioned going from HQV to MStar, I was told that is what they use for their LCD TV's. And again, the image looked great. MSRP will be $10,000 when it comes out this summer, June I believe. For new technology, that is a not bad starting point!