Monday, February 22, 2010

SRS MyVolume DCT-8S Advanced Volume Leveling Adaptor

If you look at the features that new TV's have, the list can get long. And many of us can be susceptible to the upgrade bug. TV's are no longer just about picture. They tend to have features to increase the whole viewing experience.

While many of us may be happy with the picture our TV produces, we may still get tempted to upgrade. The features that the new models have may have us wanting to upgrade, even though it is an expensive one. One of the cool new features are SRS TruVolume. This feature also may get us drooling for the new TV.

The SRS MyVolume uses SRS TruVolume to play with the volume of the TV. Have you every watched a TV show and the next thing you know a commercial comes on and the volume is now too loud? Rarely is the volume of a TV show and the commercials in between the same. And the difference is volume also varies between channels. The volume difference between TV show and commercials varies from channel to channel. Some channels are worse than others.

SRS was thinking outside of the box, and does a great thing for us consumers. If you were tempted to upgrade TV's due to the SRS volume feature, now you do not need to. Now you can just purchase the SRS MyVolume DCT-8S. It easily connects between you TV and set-top box. And there are two versions of the product, one analog and one digital with HDMI. So you do not need to have a digital TV to be able to use it.

I was excited when I received the product for review. It was extremely easy to hook up to my TV. All you do is hdmi in and hdmi out (or analog in and analog out), and pug it into the wall. And I am glad to report that it worked well. The difference in volume between commercial and TV show was not noticeable. And that was the objective that was successfully achieved. For more info and complete specs, feel free to check out SRS's website at