Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Laptop Bag Review

Laptops are getting more popular, and many people are even replacing their desktops with a laptop. Being smaller, and portable, you can now bring all your files with you. The question for many is how to transport your laptop. Some bags are more convenient than others. Targus tried to make a bag that was more convenient, even for traveling.

The Targus Zip-Thru Air Traveler did just that. The bag has a very convenient and rather inventive design with a zip through section. Here, there is a middle section that unzips to open the bag into two halves, with printed icons for each side. One side is for the laptop and the other side is for you folders, keys, electronic accessories, and anything else. This feature makes it convenient for the air traveler. Just unzip the middle and let it go through the X-ray machine. No need to pull you laptop out of the bag. The X-ray operator can clearly see you laptop on one side, and all your other stuff on the other side. With its dual file storage compartment, and zip down workstation compartment with pockets for business cards, pens, keys, external drives and accessories, it can also be your portable office on the plane. The build quality is also excellent. It will be able to provide years of service, in a traditional all black look.

However, not everyone is looking for traditional. For those of you looking to make a more personal designer statement, take a look at Speck. They are great for those of you that are pocket friendly- meaning you love lots of pockets. They have zipper pockets that reveal a water bottle holder, key ring holder, handle strap, and sternum chest straps. There are also pockets for cell phone, digital camera, and mp3 player with a hole to allow headphone access. The extra plush padded laptop section allows access to you r laptop through the main compartment, or success through the back under the shoulder straps. The Speck Aft Back allows you to also make a personal statement with designer looks. The design provided looked kind of like a checker board, in grayscale, called Restart Greyscale Pixel. It looked pretty cool.

One warning, is to make sure the size is right for your laptop. My 17.3” HP laptop fit great into the Targus Air Traveler, but the AftPack, which fits laptops up to 17” was too small for my 17.3” laptop. It would fit in the backpack, but the zipper would not fit around it, so it would stick out the top. So as long as your laptop will fit, Specks bag will work great and it is also built very well. You can enjoy carrying your laptop, and look good doing it.
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