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-- Self-Contained, Travel-Ready Pen Keeps Touchscreens Free from Dirt, Smudges and Fingerprints; Helps Protect Against Potentially Dangerous Microbes --

NEW YORK, NY, JUNE 22, 2011 — Monster, the leading manufacturer of advanced consumer electronics accessories and high-performance headphones, is expanding its comprehensive line of uniquely effective cleaning solutions with the introduction of the breakthrough Monster CleanTouch™ Pen (SRP: $24.95), allows iPad, PDA and smartphone users to keep their touchscreens free from dirt, smudges and even fingerprints – and help protect against potentially dangerous disease-causing microbes. The Monster CleanTouch Pen is now available at

The Monster CleanTouch Pen offers convenient use; users simply move the nib of the pen across their screen, let the CleanTouch solution set for 5 to 10 seconds and wipe it off with the integrated Clean Cloth (held in the body of the pen itself) for a crystal clear, spot-free screen.

Notably, unlike ordinary glass and household cleaners, the CleanTouch Pen utilizes Monster’s unique alcohol- and ammonia-free CleanTouch solution that won’t harm delicate screen coatings, with a special anti-microbial formula that controls spread of germs and bacteria. With its ultra-compact form facto, the travel-ready CleanTouch Pen is TSA compliant, fitting easily into a bag, purse, or pocket for use anytime, anywhere.

Head Monster Noel Lee noted: “Many of us literally use our smartphones, iPads and PDAs all day long, and the touchscreens can quickly become covered with dirt, dust, and fingerprints that obscure the view. With our Monster CleanTouch™ Pen, consumers now have a quick and convenient way to safely clear away the mess without streaking, staining, or damaging their sensitive screen coatings. Best of all, it even helps keep fingerprints from building up again. It’s easy to carry and easy to use, and especially handy when you’re traveling in close quarters of a train, plane, automobile or bus – because it’s a fully self-contained cleaning solution you can quickly and effectively clean your screen without fumbling with separate spray bottles and cloths.”

Beyond Clean: Fingerprint Resistant, Travel-Sized

The Monster CleanTouch Pen leaves a microthin coating on your screen that resists scratches and fingerprint buildup. Polymers in the formula adhere to the screen and prevent fingerprints from attaching directly to the screen, so the screen is easier to clean and doesn’t have to be cleaned as often.

Recent studies, including a widely published one by microbiologist Charles Gerba at the University of Arizona, have indicated that cell phones are particularly efficient germ vectors, and because they are held close to or touching the face and lips, often operated with hands that may not have been recently washed, and stored in warm, dark pockets, they provide ideal conditions for germ incubation and propagation. In addition to the breakthrough AEGIS Micro Shield® Technology anti-microbial cloth, the CleanTouch Pen’s solution is specially formulated to keep screens cleaner for longer periods of time.

The debut of Monster CleanTouch Pen is part of the company’s ongoing to provide the solutions consumers need to keep all their screens – both large and small – crystal clear, with the most advanced screen cleaning technologies engineered specifically for ease of use and convenience. In addition to the new Monster CleanTouch Pen, the company offers the industry’s most comprehensive lineup of advanced ScreenClean™ products for multiple applications, including the CleanTouch Kit (SRP: $24.95), and the all-in-one Monster ScreenClean™ Dual-Pack (SRP: $34.95) “for home and on-the-go.”

Monster was founded by Head Monster Noel Lee with a commitment to creating products under the Monster Cable® brand to literally “make music sound better.” Today, Monster has grown and diversified to become the world's leading manufacturer of connectivity solutions for high-performance audio, video, car audio, computer, console and computer gaming, as well as a leading innovator in the field of iPod®Ѐ iPhone™ and iPad™ accessories and professional audio and sound reinforcement. As part of its commitment to improving the music listening experience, Monster worked with Dr. Dre and Interscope Geffen A&M Chairman Jimmy Iovine to create the Beats™ by Dr. Dre™ headphone line, including the Heartbeats by Lady Gaga headphones. The company is also continuing to innovate with its own line of Monster brand headphones, including “Turbine Pro™ In-Ear Speakers™,” the first in-ear headphones geared for use by music professionals and audiophiles. Additionally, under its Monster Power® brand, the company is the leading manufacturer of high-performance AC power line conditioning and protection products for audio/video systems.

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