Tuesday, July 19, 2011

HGI breakthrough paves the way for home energy management, home automation, diagnostics and other next gen apps in the connected home

HGI breakthrough paves the way for home energy management, home automation, diagnostics and other next gen apps in the connected home

Service providers closer to deploying new next gen services to the digital home following publication of requirements by The Home Gateway Initiative software execution taskforce

19 July 2011. The Home Gateway Initiative (HGI), the world’s leading organisation for setting requirements for the building blocks of the digital home, has published a landmark document which brings service providers closer to making more next generation applications a reality.

HGI-RD008-3, “Requirements for Software Modularity on the Home Gateway” sets requirements that support software applications on the Home Gateway within a flexible, managed framework.

Duncan Bees, chief technical and business officer for HGI, said: “We are leading the way with this new document. Service providers are looking at deploying next generation applications using the Home Gateway and this document takes a major step towards making home automation, energy management and diagnostics, along with other next generation applications, a reality,” he said.

Mr Bees added that plans are already in place to considerably extend the scope of software modularity testing at a 2011 test event in the UK later this year.

Andreas Sayegh of Deutsche Telekom has played an integral role in bringing the RD008 document as well as the associated testing programme to fruition.

“This work has been completed thanks to the cooperation and input of vendors and service providers in the HGI working together. We have now set requirements allowing service providers to make progress, applying what has been learned to real world conditions. For consumers this will definitely mean tangible new services as a direct result of this work,” he said.

The next quarterly meeting of HGI members is set to take place in Chicago between 5 - 9 September 2011 with the timing of the test event yet to be announced.

For more information about the HGI please visit www.homegatewayinitiative.org or email contact@homegatewayinitiative.org.

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About the Home Gateway Initiative

The HGI, founded in 2004 by nine telecom operators, is shaping the next generation of internet and voice services. Starting from use-cases and service needs, the HGI sets requirements for Home Gateways, infrastructure devices, and the home network. The HGI now has members from across the globe, representing the entire spectrum of players in the broadband home area.