Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Advanced USB Foot Controlled Computing Now Available

for Medical, Automation, CAD, & EE Markets

July 27, 2011, Berkeley, CA -- Keith McMillen Instruments (KMI) announced today that the world’s first Multi-Touch USB foot input controller, SoftStep, is now available to OEM partners in the medical, automation, electronic engineering, embedded systems, and computer aided design (CAD) markets. These OEM partners can now integrate the sophisticated SoftStep foot controller into their product offerings or include it in their catalogues for a wide variety of uses wherever hands-free computer access is needed, such as during medical procedures or surgery for sanitary foot-access to computers; for CAD engineers to manipulate products while using the computer; or for radiologists to scroll through x-rays, rotate 3D scans, or control cameras in real-time with their feet while their hands are occupied during a procedure.

With SoftStep, everyone, from dentists, CAD engineers, to automation workers, will be able to use a computer with their feet, while freeing up their hands to accomplish other tasks, refocus traditional input devices, or simply to rest. The Tron-blue backlighting makes SoftStep easily visible in any situation where lighting may be limited – in manufacturing plants, hospital settings, or underneath a desk.

Using the KeyWorx software application with SoftStep, you can remember up to 100 sets of unique commands. The cursor/click foot controls allow the user to keep their hands comfortably on a keyboard at all times or perform another task. A four character alphanumeric display and 10 multicolor LED’s provide status and visual feedback. Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (UART) and control voltage inputs encourage expansion and modification. Each of SoftStep’s 10 fully customizable keys respond to pressure and X–Y-Z location providing significantly more control of data than a simple on/off switch. A four quadrant “Navigation Diamond” provides up/down and left/right movement as well as full cursor control. This multi-function versatility makes it easy for users to augment and customize Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and allows the feet to take on a multitude of tasks previously done solely by hand.

SoftStep - Most Capable & Sophisticated Foot-Input Device Ever Invented for Computers

“SoftStep is the most capable and sophisticated foot-input device ever invented for computerized systems and it will easily improve the efficiency and workflow in anybody’s HCI environment,” said Keith McMillen, CEO and Founder of KMI. “We have had numerous requests to supply SoftStep as an OEM product and are pleased to announce formal OEM pricing programs. For those desperately wishing a third arm, SoftStep is the answer.”

Rugged, Light-Weight & Portable -Weighs Just over 1 lb

Originally marketed to the music industry through Rock & Roll artists, such as members of Led Zeppelin and King Crimson, SoftStep is designed for robust treatment and ease of use. Made with advanced elastomeric and graphite composites for a super rugged, environmentally sealed, compact design, SoftStep is light-weight and portable, weighing just over a pound, with dimensions of 17.5” x 4.2” x 1” -- small enough to fit inside a briefcase or backpack. Full perimeter rubberized footing guarantees an anti-slip fit on any flooring surface.

SoftStep Features:

- Controls the mouse cursor, mouse clicks, drags, and other OS interface functions.
- Controls X-Y-Z and rotation from each of 10 keys.
- Opens, closes and switches between applications.
- Changes toolsets within design programs.
- Enters and edits full ASCII text.
- Automatically executes a series of commands.
- Scrolls through lists.
- Launches and uses programs.
- Zooms screens and images.
- Changes system settings, such as volume and screen brightness, etc.
- Dimensions: 17.5” x 4.2” x 1”.
- Weight: 1.3 lbs.

SoftStep is available immediately for OEM Partners, pricing available upon request. The class compliant SoftStep device comes with a developer’s kit for easy integration into any product-line. In addition, SoftStep is available immediately for end-users through the retail channel, priced at $289.95, available from ( more information on SoftStep, see: or the website at:

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