Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Contemporary Research Shipping QMOD-HDSC HDTV - First Scaler Modulator Specifically Built for Digital Signage Integration

Dallas, TX - September 6, 2011 - Following months of rigorous testing, Contemporary Research is shipping the third member of its popular QMOD family, the QMOD-HDSC HDTV Scaler Modulator, to waiting customers.

Scott Hetzler, president of CR, says that the QMOD-HDSC is the first HD modulator specifically designed for digital signage integration. The onboard in-stream scaler ingests signage at PC resolution, converting the output to 1080i/720p video. In addition, the scaler features up and down-scaling, zoom, shrink, and positioning – all critical to display signage correctly on TVs.

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The MSRP for the QMOD-HDSC unit is $2870

About Contemporary Research
Contemporary Research designs and creates solutions for an HDTV world, offering cutting-edge products, HDTV display control, digital signage, and tuning. In addition, CR supports a proven line of analog TV tuners, closed-captioning tools and commercial and educational media systems. For more information about Contemporary Research products, visit us on the web at www.crwww.com or call (888) 972-2728.