Monday, September 5, 2011

New Product Launches Fulfill MOBI's Creative Vision

Family-Oriented Electronics Innovator Stands Apart

GloMate™ Plus Night Light

Headphonies® Portable Sound Blasting Micro Speakers

AnimaLamps Portable Desk LED Lights

tempTub Safety Bath Thermometers

Los Angeles, CA, August 30, 2011 - Mobi Technologies, Inc. is unveiling new products in each category of its family-oriented electronics just in time for the ABC Kids Expo Trade Event, to be held in Louisville, KY, September 23-26: TykeLight GloMate™ Huggable Night Light series, Headphonies® Portable Mighty Micro Speakers, tempTub® Safety Bath Thermometers, AnimaLamps® Portable Desk LED Lights and the debut of an entire new line of clinical and diagnostic Digital Thermometers.

"We are pleased to introduce these exciting new products in each of our wide-ranging lines", said Mark Elson, director of marketing. "MOBI's goal as a leading maker of high-quality, portable consumer electronics is to continually offer relevant and affordable innovations that become central to our family-oriented community."

MOBI's new line of AnimaLamps® provides young readers with fun and safe, heat-free LED rechargeable illumination: Gloraffe, Monkey Shines and Bunny Bright head the lineup. The tempTub® Safety Bath Thermometers come equipped with hot/cold warning. Floating fun with Ducky, Buggy, Crabby, Hippy and Monkey. Award-winning Headphonies® newest character is Ninja, which plugs into iPods, portable game consoles and other mobile smart devices such as phones and tablets, amplifying mobile music libraries to surprisingly loud and clear levels.

MOBI's newest offerings in its award-winning TykeLight® series of huggable night lights include the GloMate Plus. Its LED bulbs are heat-free and it exceeds federal safety standards. It is made of safe, durable, impact-resistant plastic. As a reliable safety device, GloMate turns on automatically when removed from the charging stand or in the event of a power outage. MOBI's new motion-sensing LiteMate can be attached anywhere, turning on at dusk and off at dawn. Its no-heat LED bulb allows it to be placed wherever you need light, in closets, by the bed, bathroom, hallway...virtually anywhere. MOBI's WallMate® series of plug-in automatic safety nightlights has expanded to include Hippo, Monkey and Elephant. All WallMates use heat-free LED bulbs and turn on automatically at dusk and off at dawn.

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About Mobi Technologies, Inc.:

Mobi Technologies, Inc. is a leading maker of portable consumer electronics dedicated to bringing practical and affordable solutions to parents and caregivers everywhere. Known for our MobiCam® Digital Audio/Video Monitors, TykeLight™ huggable Night Lights, Headphonies® mobile speakers and digital thermometers, our enhancements to daily living are relied upon by discerning consumers. MOBI provides safe, high-quality family-oriented electronics with great value and has been honored with many prestigious national awards.