Tuesday, October 18, 2011

2011 Holiday Gadget Gift Guide

It's that time of year again, when many of us are scrambling around frantically searching for a Christmas gift for a loved one. We at Stereowiseplus.com have also been working to put together a few ideas for gift ideas in our annual Holiday Gadget Gift Guide. And it includes full reviews of each of the items in the guide. So check the review schedule for when the full reviews for each item are scheduled. Hopefully we will be able to give you a few ideas.
1) Kindle Keyboard 3G by Amazon
Tablets are getting more and more popular. Some of them have so many features, to the un-tech savy, they can be a little intimidating. If you fit in that criteria, or you are just looking for a simple e-reader, the Kindle by Amazon would be perfect. While it does not do a lot other then being an e-reader, it is extremely efficient at what it does. To be reviewed 3rd week of October.
2) Kingston DataTraveler Locker+ thumb drive.
Thumb drives are really popular. And it also helps that they are cheap. They come in both small and large capacities, which has made them easy for multimedia use, such as music and photos. They also do a great job holding data. But if you are worried about it getting in the wrong hands, this password protected flash drive could be for you. To be reviewed 4th week of October.
3) ZVOX 580 sound bar.
I love my surround sound, which makes watching the big screen so much more enjoyable. Running all of the wires is a big pain, but worth it. But dealing with all those wires is not for everyone. Or, you have it in your main listening room and are looking for something more simple in the bedroom. If you fall into those categories, the ZVOX 580 would be a perfect for you. It is an all-in-one simulated surround sound solution in a single box as a soundbar with limited wiring involved. It even has dual 6.5" subwoofers built-in. to be reviewed 4th week of October.
4) ION Premium Drum Set.
Ever want to be a Rock Star? Thanks to Rock Band, millions are able to in the comfort and privacy of our own homes. But rock stars can be wild, and acting the part can be hard on the equipment, such as the drums. The ION Premium Drum Set is a premium quality set, that can actually take a lot of abuse by your rock stars, and live to keep rocking. To be reviewed the 2nd week of November.
5) Coby MP957 MP3 player.
MP3 players are great! They are small and easy to take our music on the go. But being continually on the go, you may want more than just music. The Coby MP957 will actually do music, photos, ebooks and video. It could be just right for you, and it's price also won't break the bank. To be reviewed the 5th week of November.
6) Kicker iKick iK501 iPod dock.
Kicker has it's slogan, "Livin' Loud." If you're like me, you like your music loud. But when it comes to iPod docs, it can be more difficult to find one that can handle that kind of abuse. The Kicker iK501 iPod dock is designed to do just that. It has separate tweeters, midbass drives and a build-in subwoofer. Now with your iPod dock you can keep "Livin Loud." To be reviewed the 3rd week of November.
7) Coby CAM5002 Camcorder
If you have kids, you know that sometimes things happen that you just have to get on tape. But keeping a bulky camcorder in your purse or pocket is not an option. And while your cell phone can work, how good does the video really look? The Coby CAM5002 is a new HD Camcorder that can easily slip in your purse, and will have you ready to capture those special moments at a moments notice. To be reviewed the 1st week of December.
8) Sansa Clip Zip MP3 player.
Looking for a small ultra-portable mp3 player? The Sansa Clip Zip is an ultra small 4GB mp3 player with lots of functionality. Having a fair amount of storage built-in, it also has a memory card slot for unlimited storage with additional memory cards. It is also compatible with Sansa's new music cards, with 1,000's of songs based on different music types. To be review the 3rd week of November.
9) Sigma BC2209 Targa STS Bike Computer
There are a lot of options for bike computers. The Sigma BC2209 Targa STS is a premium bike computer, so you wont find it at Walmart. But with many things, you tend to get what you pay for. The Sigma BC2209 is a prime example. It does a lot more than just telling you how fast you're going or have an odometer. It is also built solid to handle the single track trails. To be reviewed the 4th week of November.
10) RBH Signature SX Surround Speakers.
Not all speakers are created equal. RBH, located in Layton Utah, produces great sounding speaker systems that also sport an excellent build quality and gorgeous wood finish. The 5.1 Signature SX surround system they provided features bookshelf speakers for the fronts, rears and center channel, and subwoofer with a 10" driver. To be reviewed 1st week of November.
11) Kicker KMT60 Marine Speakers.
Kicker's "Livin Loud" theme has carried over into their KMT60 marine speakers. Boats can be loud, so the KMT60 needs to play loud as well. And the dual 6 1/2" midbass drivers and horn tweeters are designed to do just that. They are designed for easy mounting the boat's wake bar. To be reviewed the 2nd week of December.