Sunday, October 2, 2011

Savant Highlight Awards from CEDIA 2011

Osterville, MA. September 22nd, 2011—Savant Systems LLC, having delivered the first Apple®-based home automation and commercial control system, has garnered several noteworthy awards during the 2011 CEDIA tradeshow. “These awards acknowledge the dedication of every Savant employee as well as the tireless hard work of our dealer base, making Savant the most sought after residential and commercial control solution,” stated Savant CEO Robert Madonna. In addition to these manufacturer’s awards, several Savant dealers also earned prestigious CEDIA ELECTRONIC LIFESTYLES® Designer Awards for their work integrating Savant control systems. All things considered, 2011 CEDIA was another successful and productive show for Savant.

CEDIA Manufacturer Lifestyle Award:

Savant Telephony: Savant’s flexible and scalable telephony solution is based upon the Savant PBX Server (Private Branch Exchange) and delivers full-duplex communication capabilities. The Savant PBX supports up to 72 endpoints all capable of making internal and external local, long distance and international calls. Savant Telephony users will benefit from an interface that is intuitive and seamlessly integrated with their control and automation functionality—and the only solution to deliver it all from an iPad®, iPod touch® or iPhone®.

Custom Retailer Excite Awards and CEPro Best Awards:

Smart Energy Monitor: Savant’s SmartEnergy technology measures energy usage and production in real-time and can also deliver historical usage data from multiple energy management devices, empowering homeowners and facilities managers alike with critical information as well as the control and automation capabilities to maximize efficiency by adjusting usage patterns. Savant’s SmartEnergy Monitor enables users to reduce energy costs by monitoring how and when specific devices draw power—particularly during peak pricing or load periods. While conserving energy is paramount, the SmartEnergy Monitor improves efficiency while continuing to maintain the user’s preferred lifestyle.

Savant Select: The Savant Select™ is an entirely new approach to state-of-the art whole-home control, blending the modern functionality of an integrated 4th generation iPod touch with traditional backlit buttons and essential navigation keys. This makes the Savant Select easy and comfortable for everyone to use while delivering the most exciting control options of any smart remote to date. The Savant Select takes full advantage of Savant’s award-winning TrueContol II app, which transforms the iPod touch and iPhone into the ultimate two-way remote for your Savant SmartSystem. The flexibility of the integrated iPod touch enables the Savant Select to have a “Presence” feature—it can operate the control functionality for each room as you move throughout the home.

About Savant: Savant was founded by a core group of technology pioneers with hundreds of years of combined real-world experience in peripheral applications such as programmable systems, digital signal processing, telephony, switching systems, video processing, and home electronics integration. Savant's products, technologies and applications define the future of control, automation, communication, media, and audio/video management. By combining a reliable and maintenance friendly open platform with advanced user interfaces, Savant has distinguished itself as the leader in residential and commercial control systems.