Sunday, November 10, 2013

Mpowerd Luci Solar Lantern Review

With the movement to go green, solar power is one of the better ways to do so. And more and more ways are being employed to use solar panels. Enter Mpowerd with their Luci solar powered lantern. It is a unique design for a lantern, and uses solar panels to power it.

While the Luci lantern can be used in about any situation where you need a flashlight, I think it is best used for camping. It is a thin plastic inflated cylinder. It packs thin, with the soar panel, internal batteries and LED's contained in the top section. When you are ready to use, just simply inflate it.

The build quality is good. The cylinder is made of a basic clear plastic. The top piece, which is the solar panel, batteries, and LED's seemed well put together. It should last a long time. MSRP is only $15.00, so it is also a great value.

Product Specifications

  • Charge time of 8 hours yields a minimum of 6-12 hours of light
  • Luci charges under direct sunlight and even under incandescent light
  • Maintains a single charge for 3 months
  • Ten white Light Emitting Diodes (LED’s) with 4000 mcd light source
  • Two brightness levels to conserve battery life
  • Flashing-light setting for emergency situations
  • Delivers up to 80 lumens providing 15 sq ft of light
  • The rechargeable lithium polymer battery pack can be charged while collapsed or expanded
    • 300 - 500 cycle life
    • Over charge/discharge protection
    • Over current and short circuit protection
  • Water Proof PVC enclosure
  • Minimum lifespan of 2 years

The Luci lantern performed quite well. The LED's had 3 modes, and there was a small push button switch for low, high, blinking, and off. The LED's are fairly bright, and the cylinder design additionally works to diffuse the light. I also like the handle at the top. Attach it to the inside of your tent at the top, and it will light up the whole tent.

The Luci lantern is nothing short of awesome. I absolutely love it's design and it has forever found it's place as part of my essential backpacking gear, and is now used on all of my campouts. It folds flat, for easy storage, and take next to no space to store. There is no need to worry about having fresh batteries. And it is sufficiently bright. Best of all, at only $15, I can't think of a better gift idea. For more info and complete specs check out their website at