Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sigma Speedster LED Light and Stereo Rear Light Review

Sigma makes some innovative products. Here in Arizona, the heat in the summer takes some adaptation. To those that like to hit the trails this is often done at night. Doing so means that a bright light is required. Enter the Speedster LED Light and the Stereo Loop Light System. Whether your riding is done on the trail or street, these two products will have you covered.

Features and specs:
Extremely high light output: 230 lumens
Outstanding core visibility with additional peripheral light for increased safety
3 Modes: power-, standard- and energy-saving mode
Burn time: 2.5 h (Power-), 4.5 h (Standard-), 9.5 h (Energy-saving mode)
6-stage battery indicator
Integrated lithium-ion rechargeable battery
Integrated USB port
Quick release bracket with horizontal adjustment
Tool free click mount compatible with oversized bars
Click switch with tactile ON/OFF response and switch on protection (double click)
Weight: 180 g

Two 1/2 Watt high power LEDs
Excellent visibility thanks to the new SIGMA LOOP-LIGHT-SYSTEM
Burn time permanent: approx. 20 h,
flashing: approx. 40 h
Two-stage battery indicator
Tool-free, easy to change batteries
(incl. 2 x AAA RTU NiMH rechargeable batteries)
Quick release bracket with vertical adjustment
Tool free installation with either o-rings
or zip ties
Click switch with tactile ON/OFF response
Weight: 70 g

The Sigma Speedster came in a combination paper and clear plastic package. It was attractive looking with it's features and specs printed. The clear plastic allowed you to see the product. The materials used are metal and plastic. The quality as well as the fit and finish was excellent! Also included with the Speedster was the owners manual and a charger mount. The Stereo Loop Light System is made of plastic, and the fit and finish and quality is also very good. The Stereo also included the owners manual, mount and charging cable.

Using the Speedster and Stereo was very easy. Two quick presses of the power button on the Speedster turns it on. Additional presses cycles it through the brightness levels of low, medium and high. Holding the button turns it off. On the Stereo, just a simple press of the power button cycles it through constant on, fast flashing, slow flashing, and off. Mounting with the included brackets was also easy.

As I expected the performance was very good. The Speedster is rated at 80m. I would not give it that for a low setting. But at full power, I would say that is about right. The LED was really bright! The Speedster threw out a lot of light and worked very well. And I liked that it has an internal lithium battery. The Stereo was also very bright, helping others to see you and know you are there. It was easily visible at over 80m. Turn it on flashing and it will really draw attention to your presence.

While the Speedster and the Stereo are sold separately, together they make a perfect one/two punch. Together they provide the safety for your seeing where you are going, and the safety of helping others see you are there. With an MSRP of $84.99 for the Speedster and only $29.99 for the Stereo, they are a great value as well. Based on the design, features, quality and performance, the Sigma Speedster and Sigma Stereo has earned our Highly Recommended Award. For more info and complete specs, check out their website at