Sunday, November 23, 2014

GamesterGear Cruiser XB210 Gaming Headset Review

Games keep getting better and better. For example, when comparing graphics of the PS to PS2, to PS3 to PS4, they keep getting better and better. But it is not all about the graphics. Audio is a huge part of the experience. After all, in a war game, if you can't hear the enemy behind you, you're dead! The GamesterGear Cruiser XB210 gives your sense of sound all it needs.

Features and specs:
Superior audio experience:
Delivers an impressive audio quality that intensifies gameplay. Background music and sounds will seem flawless.
Microphone monitor:
Allows the user to hear what they’re saying.
 BASS QUAKE effect:
Engineered with 57mm and 30mm drivers in each ear cup to produce force-feedback which in turn creates a rumbling effect feeling that will make the user feel as if they are in the midst of all the action.
Detachable mic:
Easily removable and reattaches with a twist lock.
Lightweight supra-aural design:
Features on-ear speakers layered in soft cloth and leather padding on the headband.
The Gamester Gear Cruiser XB210 came well packaged in a printed box. It had pictures of the products, and it's specs. Build materials was mostly plastic, but was of good quality. Fit and finish was also good. They are not the most solid feeling, but they also do not feel cheaply made either. Take care of them, and they should last a good long time.

I really liked the design.  The soft cloth ear pads made for comfort during gameplay that most times went on the long side.  The detachable mic made them easy to use without it.  But having a detachable mic is actually fairly common , and not a unique feature.  But what is unique is the use of dual drivers. One of the drivers is full range, and 2nd driver is a bass driver that adds rumble.

When it came to testing them, I was VERY impressed! The highs were crisp and clean without being overly bright. The vocals were clear and sounded natural. And the explosions were extremely life-like with great depth and impact. Everything in the game was articulated very well. The mic was also sufficiently sensitive and picked up your vocals very well, although it was also able to pick up those around you as well. My son and his friends loved it as well, stating it was the nicest gaming headset they have used.

The Gamester Gear Cruiser XB210 performed very well. Based on it's design, features, quality, and performance, the GamesterGear Cruiser XB210 has earned our Recommended Award. And with an MSRP of $99, it is a good value as well. For more info and complete specs, check out their website at