Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sigma Siggi Red and Sigma HeadLed Lights Review

When it comes to electronics and outdoors, Sigma makes some great ones! They are probably best known for their bicycle products as well, such as lights. Up for review today are two of their lights, one is a bicycle light in the Sigma Siggi Red, and the other is a head lamp for outdoors, in the HEADLED.

Features and specs:
Siggi Red:
USB rechargeable LED front light with MICRO-USB charging port
Integrated lithium-ion rechargeable battery
0.5 W power LED
3 modes: power, standard and flashing
Burn time: 5 h (Power-), 9 h (Standard-), 8 h (Flashing mode)
2-stage battery / charge status indicator
During usage:
- battery capacity < 85% = green LED
- battery capacity < 15% = red LED
During recharge:
- red LED during charging process
- green LED when the battery is fully charged
Fully charged in 3 hours
Tool-free installation with integrated silicone strap
Click switch with tactile ON/OFF response
Water resistant
Weight: 40 g

5 super bright white LEDs
Extremely lightweight (37g without batteries)
Long burn time (up to 60 h)
Up to 15 m viewing distance
3 modes: Standard, energy-saving mode and flashing
Tool-free battery change (3 x AAA incl.)
Water resistant
Weight: 75 g

Both the Sigma Siggi Red and Sigma HEADLED came packed in plastic housing and printed paper with its features and specs. Construction was plastic for both, but was of high quality. Fit and finish of both were very good. They seemed to be well put together. The Sigma Red bicycle light came with the light, USB charging cable, and manual. The Sigma HEADLED came with the light with attached headband. Also included were the owners manual, and 3AAA batteries.

When it came to performance, the Sigma HEADLED did very well. I loved the headlamp design. Just turn it on, put it on your head, and you now have hands free light! The lamp is also adjustable to difference angles. It also has difference settings of low, high, flashing and off. It worked well, and gave great functionality. I would have liked, however for it to be even brighter. But it's brightness did appear to meet it's specs.

For the Sigma Red bicycle light, I absolutely LOVED the design! There are no wires involved. You change the light with the included cable. There is a red LED that glows red until it is fully charged. Once charged, attaching it to the bike was extremely simple. There is a notch/hook built into the housing at the bottom. And at the bottom there is also a rubber stamp with a small hole for the hook. So mounting it on your handle bar was as simple as setting it on your handlebar, and pulling it around the handle bar and attaching it to the hook. Less than 5 seconds and it is mounted securely.

It also performed very well. There was just one button on the top. It cycled through low, high, flashing and off. It's low setting provided a sufficient amount of light. Changing it to high, gave even a further distance that you can see at night. It's a pure white light, is rated at 9 hours on low or 5 hours on high. It lasted to those ratings easily.  I also liked the built-in LED on the top that would turn on green when you were down to 70% of a charge, and then turn red when you are down to 30% of a charge.

Sigma has a history of making great bicycle computers. I'm glad to see that tradition continue in their lights. With an MSRP of $29.99 for the Sigma Siggi Red, and $19.99 for the HEADLED, they are fairly priced as well. If you are in the market, you can't go wrong with Sigma. For more info and complete specs check out their website at