Thursday, February 26, 2015

AudioControl Launches Architect Model 2660 Power Amplifier Driving 16 Channels in Industry Leading 2U Chassis

AudioControl Launches Architect  Model 2660 Power 
Amplifier Driving 16 Channels in Industry Leading 2U Chassis
Unrivaled Audio Performance With 16 Channels at 65 Watts, Bridgeable to 8 Channels at 175 Watts, Stable into 4 Ohms, Analog and Digital Inputs, 2U Compact Chassis
SEATTLE, WA. - AudioControl, the Seattle-based audio design leader, is now shipping the Architect™ Model 2660, following its successful launch at CES 2015. This high-power architectural amplifier has been designed with industry feedback from more than 60 custom integration companies involved in designing AudioControl's next generation of architectural, network, multi-zone and compact zone, high-performance power amplifiers exclusively for the custom residential and professional audio markets.

The features of the Architect Model 2660 are like no other power amplifier on the market today, comprising of both analog & digital inputs. With 16 channels of true RMS power at 65 watts into 8 Ohms, 100 watts into 4 Ohms and designed to also be bridged as a high-power 8 channel amplifier at 175 watts per channel, the Architect Model 2660 leads the way in power, flexibility & performance.

Architect Model 2660
The Architect Model 2660 has been exclusively created for the residential and professional custom integrator and benefits from a high resolution S/PDIF digital audio input with an integrated Wolfson 32-192 KHz, 16/24 bit depth DAC. Features include dual BUS A/B inputs that can be routed to any output, discrete 12-volt and signal sense triggers for each independent zone and AudioControl's renowned LightDrive™ anti-clipping protection circuitry. In addition, AudioControl's proprietary PFM Subsonic Filter, energy efficient design at less than ½ watt in standby as well as the loop-out ability to pass-through signals to other amplifiers and independent volume level control, by channel and zone, adds increased flexibility and custom design across every project.

The Architect Model 2660 delivers a highly efficient energy output and therefore each amplifier can be installed into the rack without the need for separate rack spaces or additional cooling requirements, therefore requiring up to 70% less rack space than traditional amplifier installations. This important feature combined with the Architect Model 2660's ability to power 16 channels in a compact 2U chassis makes it one of the most space efficient, powerful and great sounding amplifiers on the market today. The design of the Architect Model 2660 creates an industry leading, flexible, easy to install amplifier directly benefiting from the input of custom integrators in its design phase. Its front and back LED and design are focused on installation and operational efficiency for dealers and installers.

"The Architect 2660 is the latest addition to our highly successful Architect series of power amplifiers that are among the best sounding and best performing multi-zone amplifiers in the industry today", said Alex Camara, CEO of AudioControl. "The Architect Model 2660 has been an incredibly satisfying design project for our engineering teams in Seattle. Our team, with incredible input from our customers, has launched the next generation of amplifiers that increasing flexibility and powering high performance with its design features directly originating from some of the best custom integration companies in the world. The Architect Model 2660 complements perfectly our entire 2015 lineup that continues on our mission to make good sound great in everything we love to do everyday here in our design and manufacturing facilities in Seattle". 
Architect 2660
The Architect Model 2660 is designed, engineered and built by AudioControl in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States a few minutes North of Seattle. It is available in espresso black, which represents Seattle's long-standing coffee heritage and comes with AudioControl's legendary 5-Year Warranty. The Architect Model 2660 comes ready equipped with removable rack-mounts and immediate shipping is available.
About AudioControl
AudioControl is a U.S. designer and manufacturer of the highest quality home theater processors and amplifiers, distributed audio amplifiers, car audio, signal processors and precise analysis products, celebrating nearly four decades of 'making good sound great'. The company's headquarters, including research and development, manufacturing, production, and training facilities continue to thrive in Seattle, Washington heart of the rainforest of the Pacific Northwest.

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