Sunday, February 8, 2015

GunVault NanoVault Nano 100 Storage Safe Review

Theft happens.  It can be either a GPS stolen out of your car that was mounted on your dash, an ipod that you had sitting on your car seat.  It could also be by the hands of some teenagers that broke into your house looking for items of value for a quick grab and run.  You never know when something like this can happen.  And a little bit of protection can go a long way.  Enter the NanoVault Nano 100 by GunVault.

Features and specs:


NV 100NV 100NV 300NV 300NV 200NV 200
Exterior Product Dimensions
HxWxD (inc. keypad and lock)
1½" x 6" x 8¼"1¾" x 6½" x 9½"1½" x 6½" x 9½"
Interior Product Dimensions1½" x 5¾" x 8" 1½" x 6¼" x 9¼" 1½" x 6¼" x 9¼"
Weight Of Item233
Hold # of Unique FingerprintsN/A N/A N/A
# of User-Selectable Access CodesN/AN/AN/A
Protective Foam Liner?YesYesYes
Spring Loaded Door?NoNoNo
Audio Low Battery Warning?NoNoNo
LED Low Battery Warning?NoNoNo
Interior Courtesy Light?NoNoNo
Motion Detector With Audio Alarm?NoNoNo
Tamper Indicator?NoNoNo
Computer Block Access After
Repeated Invalid Entries?
Security Cable Included?YesYesYes
Backup Override Key?YesNoYes
1,500 Lb Security Cable Usable?NoNoNo
External AC Power Supply?NoNoNo
Battery Type & QuantityN/AN/AN/A
Batteries Included?NoNoNo
California DOJ Approved?NoNoNo
  • Easy to operate Key Lock System
  • 20 Gauge steel construction
  • 1.25" thick memory foam interior
  • Compact size allows storage virtually anywhere
  • Includes a 1,500 lb tested security cable

The Nano 100 is part of the Nano Series of products, and is the entry level of that series, with an MSRP of only $36.99.  The build quality is good as is the quality of materials used.  It is mostly made of 20 gauge steel with a black finish.  Fit and finish was also very good.  There is not a lot to it other than the steel used, and the locking mechanism.  The locking mechanism was also well made for the price.  Overall fit and finish was very good.  And this is just their entry level product.

Using the Nano 100 was very easy.  And it is quite versatile.  It can be used in the home, and bolted down with the included security cable.  It can also be used in your car and bolted down there as well.  I will admit that the included security cable is not very thick.  A large wire cutter would take care of it in short order.  But it's not designed for protection against a professional thief.  It does have a tight fit when it is locked, to guard against being pried open.  And as you can see it is big enough to hold a ipod, external hard drive or gps, and a little more.  Or a handgun and couple other small items.

All in all I would say the Nano 100 is a great product, especially for the price.  It doesn't do a whole lot, but it doesn't claim too either.  It gives a level of protection that can be very helpful in a small and portable package.  And for many, that is all that is needed.  Whether you are looking for something small and basic like the Nano 100, something fancier with Biometrics, or larger, GunVault has something for you.  For more info and complete specs, check out their website at