Saturday, January 30, 2016


CybertronPC launches its arsenal of fully custom desktops and laptops that are a gamer’s dream and offers aggressive price to performance options.
Wichita, KS, Jan. 29th, 2016 – CybertronPC has announced it is launching a new custom performance luxury PC brand called CLX. The new brand stands for CybertronPC Luxury Experience, and will feature a new line of custom desktop and laptops catered to PC enthusiasts and hardcore gamers, and is only available directly on launch.

Already a strong leader offering products that cater to PC users across the spectrum on retail sites such as Amazon, Best Buy, Newegg, and Fry’s among others for 19 years, CybertronPC is expanding its growth with the introduction of the CLX brand targeted towards PC gamers looking for the ultimate custom PC that offers an aggressive price to performance options.  This marks a significant milestone for CybertronPC, as it’s the first time the company has launched a fully high end custom performance product line with special options from their Foundry customizations that includes features such as overclocking and liquid cooling. The CLX PC line offers impeccable shopping and ownership customer experience.  The new brand is rooted in the heritage of CybertronPC’s owners, inspired by the Egyptian mythos and sci-fi genre, and utilizes modern PC innovation and designs.

The CLX Performance PC line offers a unique PC experience that is distinct from typical custom PC builders. Each PC in the CLX product line delivers clean and bold case designs, opting for a monolithic design instead of over-the-top aesthetics. For prying eyes, the unique Foundry customization features not only offers custom options such as hardline liquid cooling along with overclocking on the CPU and GPU, but also offer color options on both exterior and interior on select systems.

There are three different custom CLX desktops: RAHorus and Scarab. Each family is equipped with certain key features that make them unique and distinct.  All of the CLX desktops offer default CPU liquid cooling, overclocking options, custom paint options and two chassis options for each line.

The Ra desktop line is CybertronPC’s CLX flagship, named after the Egyptian mythos, god of the sun, and is a full tower pillar of performance. It features options in both the X99 and Z170 chipset, the latest Intel Core i7 Skylake processors, support for up to 4 NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 4 GPUs, up to 64GB RAM, and hard-lined  liquid cooling integration for the GPUs and CPU.  The Ra can easily handle any and all gaming needs, is NVIDIA VR-Ready and supports gaming at 4K resolutions and above. Paired with an NVIDIA G-SYNC display, the Ra will deliver smooth stutter free gaming experiences and give gamers reason enough to praise the sun.

The ruler of the sky, patron of war and hunting, Horus is CLX’s mid-tower desktop that embodies its namesake. Offering all components that Ra does, Horus provides support for up to 2 GPUs and up to 16GB of RAM. Overclocking is available on both the CPU and GPU via the Foundry, and ensures the Horus does not bow in defeat.

CLX’s Scarab is the brand’s Mini-ITX line of desktops, delivering goliath performance in a small form factor. As with the other CLX desktops, the Scarab offers all the components of its larger peers, as well support for any single GPU such as NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX TITAN X. With overclocking options available on both the CPU and GPU and defaulted with closed loop CPU liquid cooling, the Scarab proves that even something of small stature can move a mountain.

If a gamer is looking for the power of a desktop in a mobile form, Osiris is designed to be the definition of desktop replacement. As the being that oversees life and death, the computer manifestation can be equipped to handle any such task and much more. Supporting up to Intel Core i7 6700K and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 graphics, the Osiris 17 can have up to 64GB of DDR4 RAM and plenty of room for expandability and customization, while the 17x can include two GeForce GTX GPUs for the ultimate gaming experience. Combined with a 17” 1080p IPS display, custom paint options, and a striking design, the Osiris is both beauty and beast.

The thin and light Anubis is the second offering of CLX laptops, and provides peak performance with high mobility. Both the 15.6” and 17” offerings are under an inch thick and provide incredible performance, with up to Intel’s Core I7 6700HQ and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M GPU. The 17” Anubis pairs its power with a beautiful Anti-Glare 1080p IPS display, while the 15.6” can offer a 4K display.  The Anubis ensures a beautiful and crisp experience, no matter where life takes you.

The CLX luxury performance experience offers a new and unique way to experience shop for a PC online, with a new configurator that is intuitive and helps make it easier to customize a dream machine, and will become a staple of how the industry should have done it all along.

“The launch of the CLX line takes CybertronPC to a whole new level; customization, quality, impeccable performance, designed specifically for each and every user”, said Ahmed Aziz CEO and Founder of CybertronPC. “No longer will an avid gamer or performance user have to settle for a PC that is not exactly how they want it, they can have an aggressive price to performance machine that is customized, personalized, and backed by CybertronPC’s quality and expertise.”

“CybertronPC has been delivering a combination of performance and value to the enthusiast community and Intel has been proud to be part of that journey”, said Laura Crone, Intel Vice President and General Manager, Channel Platforms and Operations. “With the power and performance of the new 6th Generation Intel Core processors at the heart of the new CLX line, CybertronPC is delivering the performance and attention to detail that enthusiast PC buyers demand.”

“CybertronPC’s CLX brand will turn heads and get gamers’ attention,” said Keith Olsen, SR. Director of GEFORCE Sales. “Making CybertronPC’s new line of CLX gaming platforms with NVIDIA’s solutions is a winning combination. The direct order model and complete customization options will be of interest to anyone looking to build an awesome gaming rig.”

 CybertronPC has just unveiled its CLX line, however they have already begun to align the company brand with major partners in the gaming space such as ESL, who handles production needs for the rapidly growing e-sports communities and tournaments driven events from companies such as Intel and Blizzard. CybertronPC will also be looking into the growing game streaming community and will also be partnering with high-profile Twitch streamers, as well as partnering with well-known industry staples such as Corsair and Logitech among others.

CybertronPC’s CLX desktops and laptops are available exclusively CLX starting price is $999 on the Powerful and small Scarab. Available with up to a 3 year warranty on parts and free lifetime technical support, CybertronPC proudly stands behind its machines, custom built, sold, and supported in the USA.

CybertronPC debuts the new CLX line at Pax South this weekend,
Come see us at booth #15085 and get a first look and hands on experience.

CybertronPC is a custom PC integrator catering to gamers, business, home and server solutions. Owned and operated in the USA since January of 1997, CybertronPC’s consistent quality and highest level of support have earned them the distinction of being one of the largest System Integrators in the USA. Products are offered direct online and through retailer sites such as Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart and more. For more information about CybertronPC, click here