Monday, August 27, 2018

Creative Aurvana Trio In Ear Monitor Review

If you want off the charts bang for the buck on a tight budget, it’s hard to beat the Creative Aurvana Trio at only $149. They are a triple driver IEM with Hi-Res Audio design. A hybrid design is also employed, as they feature balanced armatures for the hi’s and mids, and a dynamic driver for the lows. The cable  is also detachable, and includes in-line mic and controls.

Features and specs:
Product Type: Wired Headphones
Weight: 19 g
Color: Gun metal
Frequency Response: 5Hz – 40kHz
Cable Length: 1.2m / 3.9ft
Cable Style: MMCX Detachable Cable with Inline Mic and 1-Button Control
Driver: 10mm Bio-Cellulose Dynamic Driver, Dual Balanced Armature Drivers
Inline Microphone with Controls: 1 button for music playback and calls, supports iOS and Android phones
Microphones: MEMS Microphone, Frequency Response: 100 Hz ~ 10 kHz, Sensitivity (1 kHz): -42 dBV / Pa

The creative Aurvana Trio came in a nice hard plastic box, with a paper sleeve with photos and specs. The top was clear plastic, so you could also see the IEM. Opening the box, I was able to see they were also well made. Materials used in the construction was mostly plastic with some metal. Quality of materials used was good, as was the fit and finish. Also included was the owners manual, additional ear tips, airplane adapter, and a semi-hard carry case.

Looking at what you get, I’m impressed. Especially for such a small price tag! It’s a small investment, which is also protected thanks to the detachable cables. If you ever get a short in the cable, just replace the cable! The 3-way design at such a small price point is also huge! Let’s see how they sound.

Eric Bibb: Why Are People Like That-Vocals were natural sounding and nice and smooth. Bass had nice extension and output. Percussion was crisp and clean. Harmonica was dynamic. Piano was natural sounding.  Gershwin: Rhapsody in Blue-Clarinet was very smooth with good texture and enough resolution to hear the tonguing. Piano was surprisingly natural sounding. Bassoon had nice midbass extension. Brass was very dynamic.  Earth, Wind and Fire: Let’s Groove-Vocals were smooth with good texture and resolution. Percussion was crisp and clean and dynamic. Bass was deep, with good impact and authority. Claps were also crisp and dynamic. Soundstage was bigger than expected.  Katy Perry: Dark Horse-Vocals were smooth and very natural with good timbre. Bass had excellent depth and output. Claps were crisp and very dynamic.

The Creative Aurvana Trio, a hybrid 3-way design with dual balanced armatures and a dynamic woofer, has an MSRP of only $149. They performed so well for their price point, they aren’t a bargain…they’re a steal!  With such a killer price and value, they have earned our Value Award.  They would be a great deal for over $200.  For more info and complete specs, check out their website at