Saturday, August 25, 2018

Monster Clarity BT Designer Series Headphones Review

Once known mostly for high quality cables, Monster has also gotten quite the name for quality headphones. One prime example is the Monster Clarity BT Designer Series. They are an over the ear design that is wireless in functionality. The sleek design with built-in swipe controls perfectly fits the name.  At $199 MSRP they are an excellent value!

Features and Specs:
Cutting-edge swipe controls​ for play/pause, tracking, and volume​.
Superior wireless performance (apt-X)​.
Ultra-soft ear cushions​
Pivoting ear cups​.
Concealed adjustable headband​. Silicon padding won’t slip off your head.
Active echo suppression technology. Built-in, high-intelligibility​ mic for crystal clear calls.
Extended battery for all day and all night listening – Over 24 hours at ample level​. 30 hours talk time​. 20 days standby​.
Low battery warning tone and light.

The Monster Clarity BT Designer Series came in a nice looking color printed box with photos of the headphones and it’s features and specs. They were well protected, held in a molded plastic enclosure. Materials used in the construction was mostly plastic with some metal. Quality of materials used were good, as was the fit and finish. They are a well made product. Also included was the owners manual, charging cable, audio cable, USB to microUSB adapter, and soft cloth bag.

I like the design of the Monster Clarity BT Designer Series. With an MSRP of $199, you get a big bang for the buck. There’s cutting edge swipe controls to control your listening experience. And the microUSB connection doubles as a charging connector, and a direct digital USB audio input. It’s awesome features, but how do they sound?

Why the People Like That – Vocals were nice and smooth. Bass had nice low end extension and was only a tad muddy. Piano sounded natural. Harmonica was crisp and clean.  Rhapsody in Blue – Clarinet was smooth with nice timbre. Bassoon had nice midbass extension. Piano sounded natural. Flutes had good air. Brass was not overly brassy. Imaging was better than expected at this price point.  Earth Wind and Fire: Let’s Groove – Vocals were smooth. Bass had very good extension, impact, and authority. Brass was nice and clean.  Katy Perry: Dark Horse – Bass had nice low end extension, hit hard and was only a tad muddy at the highest volumes. Vocals were natural with good timbre.

The Monster Clarity BT Designer Series has a really high bang for the buck.  They are

comfortable, sounds good, and have good Bluetooth performance. Based on their design,

features, quality and performance, the Monster Clarity BT Designer Series has earned our

Recommended Award.  For more info and complete specs, check out their website at