Friday, November 2, 2018

2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Stores are starting to put out the Christmas decorations. So it must be time for our annual Holiday Gift Guide. Not everyone likes the same type of items. And not everyone has the same budget. So we try to provide a good variety of items for different ideas for our loyal readers. And as usual, we will provide a full review of each item. Below is the item description, as well as the review schedule. That way you know when to come back for the full review on any items that may interest you.

We live in the digital age. While more and more are jumping from CD to downloads and streaming services. LP’s, aka records, still have a strong loyal following. For those friends or loved ones who fall into this category, a cartridge uploads could be the perfect gift. Check out this one from Audio-Technica.  It's their Evolution AT33EV phono cartridge, with an MSRP of $549.  Review is scheduled for week ending 12/2/2018.

The word is out on the sound of the built-in speakers in TV’s. Because of this, soundbars have grown in popularity. Price points for soundbars vary widely. For those on a tight budget, you should check out this new offering from Creative. It also provides additional functionality as it will also work as a portable speaker!  It's their Creative Stage Air, with an MSRP of only $49. Review is scheduled for week ending 12/9/2018.

We all love our electronic toys. But we also may want to enjoy them   The Firman W01781 has an MSRP of $649. Review is scheduled for week ending 11/25/2018. when we are away from home. A generator will fill their power requirements. If you’ve turned on the news anytime in the last year, you may have also seen the increase in floods, hurricanes, fires, etc. So the prepper community continues to grow. This generator from Firman could be perfect for your outdoor enthusiast or prepper. And it has a built-in inverter making it perfect for your electronic devices, and a good sized 2100 starting watts.

Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, or a prepper, you will want a way to power your electronics. A portable solar kit could be a great option. It would be perfect for use with an RV, and in a pinch it could be used to power needed electronics in a disaster. Enter the Go Power GP-PSK-120, with an MSRP of $680.  Review is scheduled for week ending 12/9/2018.

We all need to eat. Many of us like to cook. And probably even more of us wish we had more time. Gormia makes some great kitchen appliances, and this Gourmia GAF560 air fryer is one of them. Not only is it a healthier option for your frying needs, it can also save time doing it.  It has an MSRP of $129.Review is scheduled for week ending 11/11/2018.

Many of us like our car audio. After all, it’s a great way to make our daily commute more tolerable. For those bassheads, a quality subwoofer is a must. But in many vehicles, it’s hard to find the space needed for the subwoofer. Image Dynamics can save the day with their ID10.  MSRP is $179.  Check out the full review here:

I love the outdoors. May of your friends or loved ones may as well. Music seems to make my activity more enjoyable. JBL makes a great series of wireless speakers, the best of which is the Extreme 2. With it being waterproof, it’s perfect for the outdoors!  You get a lot of performance and features for the $299 MSRP.  Review is scheduled for week ending 11/18/2018.

Some of us have discerning tastes, and look for the exceptional. If you are also a car audio fan, you are in luck. Kenwood just came out with a new reference series. If you are like the Men In Black and are looking for the best of the best, this is it. The Kenwood DDX9905S being excellent in quality and loaded with features is bound to get you spoiled.  It's a bargain at an MSRP of $899.  Review is scheduled for week ending 11/11/2018.

Sure, I’m a basshead, but my family is not. They still enjoy our audio, as well as hearing the full spectrum of sound. Adding a subwoofer to a factory stereo is a great way to improve the sound. One of the easiest ways to add a sub is with a powered subwoofer. The Massive Audio Boom88 is a perfect option, and it doesn’t take up much space.  MSRP is a lowly $179.  Check out the full review here:

Do you have a family member or loved one who has a creative side and likes to draw? An aspiring artist? Or maybe a college student who takes a lot of notes? A drawing tablet could be just the thing. And a great one is the Royale RoWrite Smart Writing Pad.  MSRP is only $129.  Review is scheduled for week ending 11/25/2018.

Imagine if you could improve the sound of your headphones. Reference sound is a flat sound EQ curve. But that’s impossible to have. All speakers including headphones have a sound signature with rises and dips at different frequencies. Now there is some revolutionary software that will correct the sound of your headphones to a flat sound curve. And it works with many great headphones.  It's the Sonarworks True-Fi for only $79.  Review is scheduled for week ending 12/16/2018.

The holiday season can be a stressful time of year. We want to find that perfect gift for our loved ones and friends. Our hope is that we provided some great options, with some great ides for some products. As always, we are glad to help with some suggestions. And us here at Stereowise Plus would like to with you and your family a Happy Holidays. Thanks for reading.